Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry christmas

well, to those of you who follow my blog, I wish you and your familys a wonderfully blessed christmas, and hope your new year is overflowing with them. blessings that is.

Who knows what our lives will be like after the new year. We are going to have to buckle down and start making some decisions about some pretty important stuff.

I have never been one to get all that upset about the idea of moving. I, actually, usually kind of enjoy it. I've moved around my whole life, and think that I must have some of my parents nomadic tendencies running thru my veins. But now....well, I am so torn. On one hand, I would not mind moving back to kansas. We have family and friends there. Not much else there, but there is work, and my dear, sweet husband has been offered a full time job.

But heart is here. This is the one place in my whole life that I have ever called home. I love it here (even though i miss the snow). And in the past five years, we have built a life here. And it has nothing to do with jobs or our home. I do love our home. But it has everything to do with our friends and family. Currently, we are raising our five girls just down the street a bit from their 3 cousins. And that is not to mention living close to hubbys brother and my sister(in law, but for clarification only) I have come to depend on having these two near and close in my life. My sil and I do pretty much everything together, and should we have to move, i will miss her dearly. I dont even want to think about it to be quite honest. And our other friends....well, in the past five years we have met and become friends with some of the most amazing people I have ever known in my life. The thought of not being near them, and not being able to see them every week, well, i dont want to think about that either.

Having a good church family that you can lean on and depend on is so crucial to me. And, while I know that there are good and wonderful ppl in kansas, in the seven years i lived there before, had never found a great church. Sure there were a few great people, but as for the church as a And by the way....I am not a church hopper. I wont go into any of the reasons why i say that, or why I am not excited about looking for another church should we move, but lets just say that when I contemplate this is at the top of my priority list.

Arg...I dont know. I dont even know if we will have to worry about it...I am just venting a bit. I just need to say some of this out loud...or type it...It helps me get clarity when I am confused and frustrated.

So...again...I am torn...because every other time in my life, its been...wanna move? SURE! I'm up for anything. This time, its me and hubby going....should we? shouldnt we? We dont want to continue living apart. That just plain sucks. But, we are about 99% sure he will be going back to kansas after the new year. Unless, by some miracle over the holidays he can find a job here. thats gonna happen. We throw out all the reasons why it would be ok to do it, and the thousands more why we want to stay....but really, we have to make a decision that will work best for our family, and right now....I just dont know what that is.

Friday, December 19, 2008

parties and pupcakes

Of course, with it being less than a week...what??? Yes, less than a week until christmas...there are plenty of parties to be had.

Yesterday, the twins had their class parties at school, and when I picked them up from their aunt's house after work, I was greeted with a rush of explainations of what happened, what they recieved, how fun it was, and this:

MK: Momma! we had a party today and we got to eat pupcakes! BANELLA pupcakes!!! They were so good, and we got to eat them at school!!!!!!

Now, fuss all you want. I know she is almost six years old, and in kindergarten, but I. will. NOT. correct that cuteness! She will learn soon enough how to say vanilla and cupcakes, but for now, I think I will go home and make her some banella pupcakes just so I can hear her say it again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend update

Here is a snapshot of Friday night with 10 kids! They were being pretty good, and were even better after I bribed them all with hot chocolate and candy canes! At first, some of them were a little baffled at why I stuck their precious candy canes into their cup of hot chocolate, but one taste, and.....silence! It was lovely!!!!

so...hubby got here, we had a fantastic time...and the ribs...oh, the ribs! they were delicious!!!

Because my oldest daughter goes to her dad's for christmas this year, and after christmas, all hubby's fam will be here, we gave our kids their big gift early this year, so they would have a chance to play with it before the masses ascended and no children were allowed to play because the adults will take over! We got them rock band for the wii....they were so excited! My kids love music, and why shouldnt they?? Their daddy can teach himself to play any instrument he picks up...and while, I cannot play an instrument (anymore) I do, the girls love to sing, and dance, and the wii drums, guitar, and bass! And they are getting pretty good at it! Only problem is, they are only allowed to do a few of the songs because more than half the songs have cursing in them! So, we picked out a few until we do some tours and unlock some more songs.

Last night we went and got our tree before hubby has to drive back to kansas. We have not decorated it, but we will do that tonight. yay! I love decorating the house for christmas!

Well, i must run for now.....10 days until christmas! how can that be!!????

Friday, December 12, 2008

two weeks and a day....again

So....yes, a post with the same title as the last one. But I have a good reason.

When last we spoke, err, i hubby had been gone for two weeks and a day. He is still gone...but....coming home for the weekend. Yay! We have huge plans! The girls dont know he is coming, so they will be really surprised! We are going to play with our girls and eat a good breakfast on saturday, then hubby will take a bunch of ribs over to the bil's house and start them on the smoker for a party later that night. After a lazy saturday morning, we are going to get our christmas tree! the lots of decorating and hot chocolate and popcorn! Then after the kiddos are tucked into bed, we will head to the bil and sil house to watch the ultimate fighter finale. Then, church sunday morning, and some cuddle time before hubby has to head back to kansas.

now, as for the current two weeks and a day.....that is when hubby's family is coming! We are so excited! The other bil and sil live in far, far away! (shrek for those who didnt get that) And the two of them and their children, and hubby's sister and other brother are all coming to spend time with us! we are excited because since they live in far, far away, we dont get to see them nearly enough! some point, hubby's mom and dad will be here too, and their entire family will be together! That does not happen too often now that three of the five kids are married and two are college, we are kind of scattered...well, actually only in three places, but still...those places are, again...far, far away. any case....there will be lots of laughter, lots of fun, lots of making fun of...., lots of eating, and lots of love! THIS is why Christmas and Thanksgiving are my two favorite times of year. I love it when my house is full of people eating, laughing, and loving! ~sigh~ maybe the reason i had five kids of my own????

Hope your countdown to Christmas is going well!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

two weeks and a day...

Me and my brothers....these guys crack me up!

uh....who's kid is this? anybody????

The entire clan....this is the first time we have ever attempted this, but i thought it turned out great!

uh....are there words for this?

awww....i think my girls are the most gorgeous!!!

can you tell its really cold outside!?
again with the brothers!
Thought i'd throw in some picture luv, since i rarely get to do it because i am the only mother with five children who are beautiful to photograph but does not have a fricking working camera in the entire house!
anyway......we took these over thanksgiving weekend, but ssshhhh! dont tell my mommy! My parents kind of always get left out of the christmas gift thing. We always spend thanksgiving with them and christmas with my hubby's fam, so, my family always kind of gets the shaft when it comes to recieving gifts. So, this year, my sis in law took some photos of me and my brothers, all the grandkids, each family, and she got her friend to come snap some of all of us together and of her fam. (my baby brother's) we are going to have them printed at a quality place and have them mounted and framed for christmas and my mom is going to love it, because ALL STINKING WEEKEND all she did was compain because none of us ever give them pictures! lol...we'd been planning this the whole weekend! silly woman!

In other my title says.....its been two weeks and a day that my hubby has been gone. I am sad...lonely....and a single mother. again. except this time, I have FIVE children and a full time job. ~sigh~

Ok...that was it...the only pity party I will allow myself. I am lucky in that, being sad, lonely, and a single parent is a temporary thing. And, as much as it sucks that my sweet hubby is 350 miles away, we are making the best of it. The girls and I headed out for my brother's house last week (also where the hubby is) and spent several days there over thanksgiving and got to see him....they were so happy to see their daddy that we got pretty much no time alone. Not to mention the fact that ALL FIVE of my kids got sick while we were there. yes...all five. fever and puking and lots and lots of fun for mom!!!

Then, on the way parents were with me....we stopped to see my uncle who has been very, very sick and we knew he did not have much time left, barring a miracle...well, my dad spoke with him on the phone sat night, and he (uncle) sounded tired, but was glad we were coming. He had been in the hospital all week with an infection. By the time we got to the hospital sunday, he was nonresponsive and going downhill pretty quickly. To make a long, sad story short, he passed away on Monday night, and as sad as it is that a 51 year old man left this life so young, he was a wonderful person, and had lived a very full life, and was prepared to go.

So...since okc is half way between me and where hubby is, we are meeting tomorow night in the city so he can go to the funeral with me, and as awful as this have a night alone. I know that we are there for the funeral, but, well, we miss each other, and instead of being together for saturday only and being busy with lots of family stuff surrounding the sadness of losing my uncle....we were not able to be together for our anniversary, and we got no time together over thanksgiving...i think i said that I am not going to feel bad.

well, bloggy world...i guess i better get back to work. i have a few things to do before i go home and have a few (hundred) things to do!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

laugh and cry

One of the twin's sunday school teacher found me after church sunday to tell me how cute she thought MR is....and this is one of the reasons why:

teacher: MR, can you name one of the ten commandments?

MR: Um......I think I'll name mine.......Cinderella!

I'm sorry...but if you dont think thats funny, you have NO sense of humor, and I'll laugh for you. Argh! just makes me want to squeeze her!

In other news....hubby just left for at least 10 days. He is driving out of town as I type this...on his way to Kansas to work with my brother for a few weeks. Not sure how long he'll do this for, but I am telling you....he has been looking hard for work and there are no jobs to be had. At least not any that would pay more than what we would have to pay out in babysitting. I hate money.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My super hopeFILLED romance: i'm in love with my best friend

So, after i posted yesterday, and spent half the day reading blogs and getting lost in stories....I thought I'd post with this title.

I am in love with my best friend. Not J...haha...she is my other best friend....but my hubby....who is daily with me, loving me, supporting me, and lately, cooks for me, (kindof)cleans for me, and does my laundry. By no means is our relationship perfect. We fight, we argue, we accuse, sometimes, I even want to hit him....and i'm sure the feeling is mutual....but we dont. Because we love each other. When we fight, we make up. when we argue, we come to some sort of compromise, when we accuse, we apologize. and for the record...we never hit. We are just like everyone else out there who live with another human being. But, I think what keeps us strong is this. No matter what is happening, I know he is in it for the long haul. And he knows i am. Divorce is never on the table.

So, as much as we have to work on in our relationship....he is still my best friend, and I am in love with him....soon, we will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary, and I am so looking forward to the rest of my life with him.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

♥ My Super Hopeless Romance ♥: I'm in love with my best friend...

♥ My Super Hopeless Romance ♥: I'm in love with my best friend...

ok, i hope i am doing this right.... (edit: i am linking this post to her page??? who knows if i did it correctly)

i love to read. LOVE it. i love immersing myself into a storyline and into lives....real or otherwise. I think that is why i love blogging so much...and why i spend hours reading other people's blogs. So, i happened upon a blog today...and i started at the beginning after reading the latest post...and, i will just say....this girl pulled me right in. She posts on her blogpage that this is fiction....but i think that is great...i dont care! its a great am encouraging anyone who just wants to disappear into another world for a bit to check it out here.

Monday, November 10, 2008


so....i have five daughters...and four of them are infatuated with my boobs. I dont know why....I hope it ends soon, but for gives me stuff to laugh about.
***i am going to insert here that A, the oldest used to be infatuated with my boobs, but i think it was just to keep her arms warm***

anyway, my kids are infatuated with my boobs. Everytime i'm in the tub...they are staring at them, asking why they are so big, asking if they will have big boobies, asking when they will have big boobies, asking why they dont have them now...i usually just laugh. When i am changing clothes, someone will inevitably walk in and again with the staring and the questions. So, yesterday, i have on this tank top with one of those little shelf bras (that do NOTHING by the way) and I am changing because i need to run to the store. So, enter 3 of the girls....of course. So, I decided to get creative and put my bra over the tank and slip it off, no boobs, M says "how did you do that? i didnt see your boobies!" I said, "its a trick!" Then J just stares at my chest and says...."i can still see your nibbles"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

goodbye hair

i am sad and depressed. My baby....yes, i know she is almost four, but she is still my no longer looks like a baby. she now looks like a little girl. why? why do children feel the need to shove as much gum as they can in their mouths??? and how is it that they have no clue how it ended up in a huge wad in their hair!!! And, why doesnt peanut butter always work??? i have no answers, but what I do have is an almost four year old with a short, sassy bob. Yesterday morning, I had a baby girl with hair down to the middle of her back. Today, short sassy bob.

Oh, is adorable on her...and she loves it. But....oh my...i miss the hair. And I really have no one to blame (except her for the gum) because i am the one who cut it off. But, still....i am sad. as the locks fell off, so did the baby look she was still sporting. And she was the last of my babies who still had soon as i started cutting, i regretted it. But, she is still beautiful, and the haircut really suits why am i still so sad???

oh to come....I am horrible at getting photos on here because I have no stinking camera except the one on my phone. And i tried to get one of her last night, but she was so busy flipping her head about to feel how short her hair was, i could not get one single pic of her that was not fuzzy!!.....i will try again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so, i have spent a few days on halloween costumes. My oldest, originally wanted to be this pink cat/girl charactor from this cartoon....well, she is mostly pink and her skirt is way too short, and i dont like the top her dress either, but, i am all about modifying costumes to make them what i want so, we went on the hunt. We could not find a costume for this charactor, so, the modifying began! Ha! between me and A, this is what the finished product looked like!

She was like, well mom, this looks nothing like i had planned, but it looks like i planned it! And, she liked it, which, was all that mattered in the first place. Now, mind you, A has red hair...we sprayed it black with pink ends and a pink streak in the front and the child looked nothing like herself...we were both very happy with the costume in the end, and off to the dance she went. She was meeting her friend there, who happened to be going as a "goth" girl, so, I suggested that, should anyone ask what she was, she could say that she was K's goth cat! Worked perfectly, and most kids didnt even recognize her. Now that's a good costume! momma used to put guys like these in her yard. Its the only "fall" decorating she really ever did.....makes me laugh.

Have a great day!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

and the winner is.....

hopefully, me! the girls over at are giving away a great prize! So....go here and check it out.

by the way....did you notice, that I figured out the HERE thing. I know. I'm awesome. No applause....just send chocolate!

I've got style!

and the news is good! I like being kind and harmonious! Of course, if the computer program that said that about my blog ever came to my house I'd be labled, crazy, lazy, and a slob! lol...

wanna take the quiz? go

ok...i'm new to linking, and i'm not sure how people can type click HERE and you magically appear at the right place.

still figuring it out people. I'm getting older....i've lost alot of brain cells. give me a break here!

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious
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People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.
You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.
You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!

Friday, October 17, 2008

dancing queens

my kids love to dance. and they are about it! We watch dancing with the stars every week. Yes, I like the show....but what i like more is watching my kids try and replicate what they see on the screen! J the 7year old, is so rough though! She loves to throw M & M & P around like rag dolls. She wants to do all the flips and turns and twirls with them, wether they are ready and willing, or not. but i cant help it. it makes me laugh so hard.

Last night, while flipping thru the channels, I discovered that Chicago was on E!. I love that movie. Yes, I know its rather raunchy, and Roxy Hart is not a good person. But it is so entertaining! So, i was watching it in an empty living room. But everytime a new song would start, suddenly I am bopping and weaving my head about to see the screen thru all the dancing girls in my way! And then I notice the tweenager has come into the room and is watching. then all of a sudden, hubby is leaning over the back of the couch watching. It is a full blown family affair! I love having a hubby that can appreciate a good musical!

so, anyway....just sharing some of our life. I tried to post a video of the girls dancing i took with my phone, but lets face it, I am just not quite in sync with mr. berry. He is still trying to teach me his ways. i was writing this post, i just received news that my sweetheart of an uncle is going in for surgery to have a pacemaker put in his heart. I didnt even know he was in the hospital until this morning. Please keep him in your prayers.......he is a wonderful, sweet, loving, kind, and gentle man. Thanks!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

by the way

um, yeah...i just linked something for the very first time ever!!!!

yay me!


a) I tried to send this post via brand new mr. red black berry, however, he is a complicated creature who I have yet to completely come to understand, so we are working on our communication.....(i still love him dearly)

b) to have a great big belly laugh today, click on bring the rain over on my side bar and read angie's post for today. there are hilarious stories from a few of her readers that involve their children, and i you have any, you know that what i mean.


Monday, October 6, 2008

lack of sleep can make you crazy!

so, first of all, just gonna say, i knew something with the whole blackberry deal had to go wrong. It was just too good to be true. Thankfully, what went wrong was the date is was to be delivered. Although, I still have not recieved it yet, it should be here today or tomorow. {translated to: if that sprint guy knows what is good for him, he'll make sure of it}

And that is all I will say on that subject until i acutally have said blackberry in hand.

In other news...our trip was wonderful! Did not want to leave, which, should be known to all who we left behind....5 hours after i wanted to leave!!! lol....lets just say, 10:23 pm and a 5 hour drive home, makes for a very, very tired family of 7! Add a very bad dream had by a sensitive 12 year old into the mix and it makes for an even more tired mommy....who had to work today....and is just about alseep while writing this work. Did I mention i was tired? I cant remember. Anyway....we had a blast visiting our bffs (:-P) and our in-laws! We stayed up late around the firepit talking and singing (i know its cheesy to say we sat around a campfire and sang, but seriously, that is one of my favorite things in the world. I dont care how cheesy it makes me), ate lots of food, spend a lazy afternoon watching movies and watching the kids play...left an event early and went to dinner, and just enjoying each other's company. Somewhat makes me wonder why we ever left that life....except I know that we did the right thing at the time. But now.....i wonder.

I miss you already, J! I will tell you that, everytime we drive away, or ya'll heart hurts! I hate it! The funny thing is...why do we live so far away from each other? For what? jobs? there are literally jobs everywhere! what difference does it make what jobs we all have or where they are if we cannot be close to those we love? i guess the trouble is....those i love are scattered about! But, i miss the days that we all had dinner together 3 times a week! hung out all the time, and shared our lives together! I guess it is good that, no matter how long its been since we've seen each other, it is like we were never apart....but, what if we just got rid of that last part!

arg. I know. Its the same conversation we've been having for the past 5 years! lol...a girl can dream, cant she?

Well, in any case....we had a great time...didnt want to come home....and miss you all like crazy!

we are very blessed!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

na-na-na na-na-na!

i cant wait for tomorow! i am leaving after work to go and visit my bestest friend in the whole world! AND....wait for it......i get my new blackberry!!! YAY!!! I am so excited...not only because i get the new blackberry curve in RED....but because i sincerely miss my old blackberry, and while mr. samsung slider has been good to me, he just doesnt have all the buttons i need to poke and push, and he doesnt take very good fact, he takes pretty horrible pictures. and he doesnt allow me the freedom to check my email either. He has lasted for over two years....something none of my other phones have ever done...and as far as allowing me to enjoy the conversations i so love, he has been good to me. But....i'm gonna send him packing soon. Time for a new little man in my curve. You fit so nicely in my hand! And did i mention your red? My very favorite color.....

Normally, i would not spend the money right now on a blackberry. They are kind of pricey, and with our budget, i could not justify it....but....i got THE. sweetest. deal. EVER. on a brand new blackberry! Our old ones we did get free thru a promo that the phone company was doing, but they were not the newest model...but this one! i snagged these babies for almost nothing! As close to free as you can get for one of these! So, hubby and i will probably have to take turns driving tomorow because we will both be wanting to play with our new phones. i say he drives first. and last. oh, and all the time in the middle! What? you want me to drive for a while? Yawn!!! i am sooooo tired baby...i just dont know if i can stay awake!.......;-p

Oh yeah...i guess i cant leave out that i am so looking forward to seeing J! She has been here with her fam several times over the last two years, but it has been almost that long since we've made the trek to their i am completely stoked for this trip. And now that they live where they do, they are pretty close to the in-laws, so we get to go and visit them too and see their new house! Hubby has been there several times, but the girls and i have not been yet. They have been doing alot of remodeling and have come to visit us several times for various things. We are kind of the central i am excited about visiting them in their home too.

And i am so excited about being able to be stuck in the car with the girls for 5 hours! Normally, i would be dreading this, but hubby and i have been working sooooo much this past few weeks, there have been several days that i have not seen my girls at all except for the 30 min i am home in the mornings, and that is spent getting everyone ready for work/school. So, i get to just talk to them all and stare at their beautiful faces.

No one is going to dampen my spirits this weekend. Its been a while since i have been in this good a mood, and i plan to enjoy every single minute of it!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

fever, a clean house, and iced coffee!

so...i posted the other day about being home sick. Well, as I commented on Balancing with Jen's blog (she is so sweet she commented to see if I was feeling better), when you have a large family, one person getting sick is never just a one person gig. So, I stayed home Monday and Tuesday, not feeling well. Wed I went to work, but was scheduled to do a 3hour blood test (i work in diabetes research and volunteered to be in a study...the blood test was not because I am actually sick) so, anyhow, I am not the easiest person in the world to "stick" as we phlebotomists call it. I needed to have an iv inserted into each arm for this test. One to draw blood from and one for an injection of a glucose solution. Well, these poor ladies that had to start my iv lines. I will just say, it is a good thing needles dont bother me because they had to stick me 7 times. All is good, though, we got it done and the only problem was that the quick and large amount of glucose they injected gave me a monster headache, and by the time I was done with that test, I had two hours to actually work. So, I did that, headed home, and gathered the kiddos, headed out the door for church.

Around midnight, one of my twinies started running a high fever. Poor baby. She is a tiny girl, and so when she runs a high fever she shakes all over. Not a seizure, but just shakes violently. It scared my hubby, and scared her, so I gathered her up and started rubbing on her to get her to stop, gave her some motrin, a cold, wet cloth for her head and hubby put her in our bed so I could keep an eye on her. So, that is the road we are on today...keeping her 103 degree fever at bay. fun, fun, fun!!!

I work hard to convince my kiddos that when sick, sleep is the key! so, she is safely tucked away in my bed snoozing and I am going to clean some house today. My poor house has been shamefully neglegted over the past few weeks. Hubby and I have been soo busy working and getting some extra jobs done, our home as paid dearly, so today, I will show it some tender loving care. And, my hubby surprized me by coming back with a yummy iced coffee from mcdonald's. He must know I'm gonna need the caffine today after not getting much sleep!

Here's to the sweetest parts of being mommy! Cheers!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


its me and the baby today. i am sick. she is not. so, today she gets to watch cartoons, play around a lazy mommy, and i gave her scissors, construction paper, and glue to play with at the table! how dumb am i? oh, its fine! i was in there with her. I miss these moments so much, i dont care if i'm sick. I'm gonna enjoy the day with her!

Monday, September 15, 2008

aftermath of Ike

well, Ike came thru, and we got......NOTHING!!! What? For real. We got zip. Now, mind you, I am thankful that we did not get what Galveston and the surrounding areas got. But we could have used a little more rain than we got. It rained for about 4 to 5 hours...a small, steady rain, and then....gone. Goodbye Ike. ~sigh~

I should not complain. My family that lives in that area are sitting at home with no power. However, they did not get the flood that surrounds them, and the damage they did sustain is managable. As for those around them, some did not fair so well. It is awful to see the destruction. And amazing at the same time. It is so crazy that they got all that powerful storm, and we got spit on. Amazing how God works the weather. And, last night, I stood in my driveway, looking up at the most amazing clear night with a beautiful full moon that lit the sky up. And it was perfect weather. I love still nights like that. I am so glad fall is coming!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, i have some family that decided to ride out the storm. At first it was projected to hit south of them, so they decided to stay, but low and behold, as we woke up Friday morning, it was headed straight for them. By then, it was too late to leave. So, they bunkered down and rode it out. The eye of the storm going straight over them. Thanks to God that they are ok. Some damage, but not much compared to alot of those around them. Their town actually in the area where it is less likely to flood. Though they are still getting rain and lots of wind, they are all fine.

Now, we are prepping for our turn with Ike. Looks like we will be getting wind and rain, but not as much rain as we first thought. But, who really knows? It has just begun to sprinkle here. And we will be watching for tornados.

But, with all this going on, I must say....i love a good storm!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just a quick thought for those who lost their lives on this day seven years ago. I was nursing a new baby as I watched the nightmare unfold. I remember sitting there clutching my baby as I cried and prayed for all those in new york, washington dc, and for those with no hope of survival on flight 93. I hope we never forget that we are all vulnerable and do not know what tomorrow holds. I hope that we never forget to hug our babies and our husbands and our wives. That we never forget to call our moms and our dads and tell them that we love them. Let us never forget to thank God for every day with our families, and pray for those who do not have that sweet gift.

Say a prayer for those who lost their loved ones and must go on without them. and give your loved ones a squeeze and a kiss, and let them know how much you love them today.

God Bless.....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

things that make you say....GROSS!!!

so, i'm stalking blogs today, and i read one that made me laugh out loud. I would link it for you, however.....i cant remember which one it was! I go around and visit various blogs that are listed on the blogs of the blogs listed on my blog. get it???

so anyway, i read something funny about a kid licking a toilet seat. gross right? that is definately on the list of things you should never have to tell your kid not to do! I really started grossing out, i.e. laughing my butt off when i started thinking about some of the things I've seen my own kids do. Lets see if I can list you some!

Hmmmm...licking the dog. biting the dog. chewing on the cable that connects the v-smile controllers to the v-smile. In half. licking the floor. licking the window. licking the snot she just wiped across her face with the back of her hand. eating dog food. after the dog licked it. drinking coffee creamer right out of the bottle. eating frozen hot dogs stolen from the freezer. licking water up off the patio. licking the toy baby bottle. after dipping it in the toilet. sucking on the top of the toothpaste tube. mmmmm! And my personal favorite. sticking her fingers in her mouth after wiping her rear with one small square of toilet paper. of course after she pooped!

I wont tell you which kid did which gross thing, just in case she gives you kisses!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


so, its been a very long week. It will have to suffice for me to say that we are all having to adjust to the new "school" schedule. The kids are great. Its me and hubby. Our timing is not perfect on when to do what, and how fast to do it. We are four days in to school, and the girls missed the bus this morning. yes. already. so.....~sigh~.....

I am so ready for this hellish week to be over. Our nerves are shot. Not because of school. Because of life. I know you arent supposed to let life get you down, and normally....I am so laid back and really just let stuff roll off my back. But i have to be honest. I am cranky. I am stressed. I am not fun to live with right now. I keep putting the "stuff" i am carrying down, only to turn around and pick it up again. I'm tired. Tired of stressing, tired of fighting, tired of being cranky. that i got that off my twinkies started kindergarten! It does not seem possible! Plus, my oldest is in 7th grade! 7th! That was quite a year for me! I met some of my lifelong friends in 7th grade. I just cant even believe it. wow. I am getting old.

But, the girls have had so much fun this week at school! They love their teachers, and are having a great time making new friends. I dont think it even bothers them that they arent in the same class! I took monday off so that i could take them to school, get them settled, and spend the day with P, since it was her first day to be all alone. We had a great day together. It was so fun, and it really made me not want to go back to work. I want to be with her so bad. Apparently, spending the day with her monday, made her miss me pretty bad too. Hubby said that Tuesday, she asked for me all day long. awwww....i'm glad she missed me, but i wish she didnt have to.

Well, i must be off! work calls;-p

Thursday, August 21, 2008

girlie fun!

So, I just wanted to share a few moments from last weekend. We had a blast, and later I will probably have more to share. But for now....I can enj0y the memories that go along with these crazy photos that are my seven girls! I have 5 daughters, but in my heart....these seven belong to me!!!

Hubby and sissy....and below....all my girls together!

I love this pic of the girls with my mil. Wonder what they're thinking???

Red Robin in a family tradition! And dont you know, these girls turn heads everywhere they go!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is EXACTLY what its like at our house sometimes! 5 girls....use your imagination!

what it's not

It's not wednesday. It's not wordless. What it IS is cuteness. Utter, complete, sqeeze the cheeks, adorableness that is my baby, P. Argh....this girl gave me such a hard time as a 0 thru 5 month old, but now.......would you be able to pass up a squeeze on those cheeks? I would be willing to wager, NO!...I know I cannot...and right now, she is 3 1/2!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

seething mad........

I know there are rude people in this world. I encounter them every day on my way to work. People putting on makeup or talking on the phone while they are driving and totally NOT paying attention to what is going on around them...but, I expect that. What I DONT expect, is for a complete stranger to go out of their way to be rude to someone they dont even know for no good reason at all......I just dont get it. Let me lay it out for you.

Last weekend, hubby and I decided its finally time to get rid of the crap that has been sitting in our garage for over three months. After the "great flood of 08" we decided that we are not putting the furniture back in the house that had minor flood damage. I say minor because, yes, the stuff got wet...but we could have put it back in there, but seriously....after all the work that we had to do to our house, we wanted to put furniture back in that matched. Everything we have is miss-matched. So...out to the front yard it went....and priced cheap. I know it's not worth a bunch of money, but, it is still functional, and with a little love, alot of the pieces could be brought back to life., we know this....its used, and its cheap. When you go to a garage sale, do you really expect to find brand new furniture? I dont. Well anyway, mostly we had the stuff out of the girl's rooms, a few shelves, and a computer desk. You know, the ones you get from walmart? ok...well, one of the beds was a solid wood bunk is in decent desperate need of a good paint job, or to be stripped and stained. After that, hey, its a great piece. Also, a full size loft bed, also solid wood. That sucker cost about $1200 new. has been used. But still, in decent shape. And let me reiterate, I am practically giving it away just to get it out of my life. So, here we and sweaty, sold a few things here and there...sold two twin beds we had, and several other things. I posted our garage sale on craigs list to try to get some more traffic thru, hoping we would get rid of it all. Here is the thing that makes me want to scream.

That evening, I go in, and just checking my email, someone had emailed to ask if I still had the loft bed, and then I opened another email, and all it said was...."its all junk"

WHAT???? why? why would you do that? So, I replied. "Pardon". She emails me back with, "your yard was all junk...too high" Are you kidding me? I actually gave several things away for free! I the only one that gets that its a GARAGE SALE????? I'm pretty sure you walk into it knowing that its USED! Anyway...I replied back..."Well, thank you for going out of your way to send me negative comments....I really appreciate it" That woman had the NERVE to email me back..."LOL well, sorry if the truth hurts. Your stuff was junk and i wasted my time and gas to come there" I want to slap the --well, you know what I want to say--. Again....why? when I go to a garage sale, and I dont see anything I want, I say thank you and get in my car and leave. I dont go home and go out of my way to find out how to get ahold of this person to give my opinion about their stuff. I say thank you and walk away!!! What is it about people that they feel like we even want their opinion in the first place!!?? I just simply do not understand why a person would do that. So what if my stuff is not worth hundreds of dollars??? I wont say what I wanted to reply back to her last email. I just decided to take the high road and not get into an email war with her, because, frankly....I dont need that in my life. And I dont want to be like her. I want to continue to be a nice person, and you know...I just dont have time for that anyway. I have a life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

uh, oh!!!

They're back! Well, not quite yet, but they will be. One is coming on Tuesday, the other will be here on Thursday. And me??? I am soooo excited! I miss these girls like crazy! They spent several weeks with me last summer, and while they are both only staying a for the week this year, I will take what I can get! When they left last summer, I cried. I want them to both just move in! However, I know that will not happen, so I am happy to take the summer visits while they still happen.

We did alot of swimming and laying out. I think I had the best tan of my life last year! Since going back to work, I have not layed out once this year, but I am thinking, I might have to change that this week!

A few pics of last summer events:
We made many a run to walmart. This is what happens when you take two 18 year old girls to walmart at midnight. And, let me just say....this picture, was only the beginning.....

My girls miss these two as much as I do...for them, its like having two more big sisters, but big sisters who are old enough to drive and take them for ice cream! For me, it is like having little sisters. I dont have any of my own. I have a sil that is like a sister, and a best friend that is truly one of those friends where you cant remember your life without them. She IS family. And these two? like having little sisters that keep you young! There are just not words to describe my love for them. So, I problably wont be spending my precious little time with them on the computer, but maybe next week, I'll have new pics and a few stories. I know I'll have some wonderful memories!

Friday, August 8, 2008

center of conversation

After eating a quick meal in the car while running errands, the girls had finished their drinks and were munching ice. My mom overheard the following conversation:

M1: M-you spit on me!

M2: {straight faced} No I didnt. It just pooped out of my mouth.

M&M: Granny, why are you laughing? Whats so funny? What?????

Granny: {No answer because she is still laughing}

Friday, August 1, 2008

in the upcoming weeks....

you might find me crying on here. alot.

There are several hard things about having your kids so close together. One of them being, when they start going...they go fast! Ok, Ok. So, I am only talking about elementary school....but i know it will be the same when they start leaving me! My twins are staring kindergarten this year. What a change that will be around my house. I am not sure what P is going to do when the M&M's are not there to entertain her all day! I am thinking this could go well, or, she could burn the house down. I'm not sure which one I'd vote for today! She plays alone really, really well...but for short amounts of time. She has NEVER been left to play alone for an entire day before. She is always with the twinkies. So....soon, and very soon, I will be dealing with TWO kids adjusting to all day kindergarten, one in second grade, one in (argh!!!) seventh grade!, and then, the one left at home.....I have a feeling our evening are about to get crazy!!!!

More to come!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i was wondering....

i have read lots and lots of blogs of moms who have twins. And I am curious. Do all of you have incredible poop stories about your twins??? I know it is not just mil has some (she has twins too), and I am curious. Is it a twin thing? My other kids did not play in their poo.....but my twins? well, thats a story for another time!
{of course the poop stuff happened well before this pic....}
go over to the SITS site by clicking on the button!

they are giving away a free ipod nano in their last week of Six Weeks of Summer contests!!!

check it out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

if i were a violent woman

I would be smashing faces right about now. If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that we had some minor (make that extreme) water damage to our home due to a broken toilet. Let me just say, if you work for an insurance company, I'm sure you are a lovely person, but I might HATE YOU RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!!

I am struggling to keep my sanity and my faith. I believe that God can handle any situation. I know it. And right now, in writing, I am putting this all at His feet. Because, honestly, I cant deal with it anymore. I am tired of getting the run around. Tired of being bitchy to people I can only hear on the other end of my phone because I am getting the run around. Tired of shelling out money I dont have because I am getting the run around. See a pattern here? What I am discovering here lately is that....if you dont question people* they are gonna try to.....yes, you guessed it....GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND!!!! I keep saying that, because what I really want to say is that they (screw you) but I am trying to be nice. Anyway....dealing with 1. Insurance companys, 2. attorneys , 3. cell phone companies, 4. everyone else that i have to pay money to in return for a service, is driving me to want to take hubby and children and live in the mountains where we dont need money. I will make candles from beeswax, send my hubby to hunt for dinner and pee in the river! I am that close to not caring anymore.

Oh me. I am generally a pleasent, optomisic person. Today, I am not pleasant, pessimistic, and pissed off. Tomorow, I will be better. Until I have to start calling the insurance company again.

* by people, I mean, customer service reps, sales, and all those types of people who get paid to try to frustrate you just enough for you to give up and just let them get away with giving you the shaft! Well, much to their chagrin....did i spell that right? hubby used to work at a job where HE got paid to do that, and he does it right back! They dont really like that. I dont really like them. guess we're even.

Monday, July 28, 2008


when A was 2 and had a fever, I overheard this conversation between her and my dad:

papa: Do you feel bad?

A: I habe a feber. I sick.

papa: well, do you want some gatoraide? It will make you feel better.

A: Eeew! I dont like gator eggs! I like scrambled eggs!!

ah....the innocence.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


so, the "switch" was a success! I wasnt sure it would happen. You know how sometimes you feel like something just wasnt meant to be? well, i wasnt sure that this trip was meant to be. It seems like for the past week, things kept happening to keep me from going...however, it all worked out in the end, except that for reasons beyond our control, hubby ended up having to stay home and me and babysitter/friend/unofficial oldest daughter went with the three kiddos.

It was fun too. We made it to the beach (photos to come later!) and wow, did the girls LOVE it!!! The water was a little rough because of the hurricane that hit the lower region of TX earlier this it made for lots of waves, which, ended up being kind of perfect! The girls had such a great time jumping the waves and spashing around in the water. Their Aunt made them into mermaids with the sand, and they made a big sandcastle. We rode the ferry (their first time doing that also) and got to stand at the very front of the boat and watch all the fish in the water, and drove down the seawall because T had never been to Galveston before. I got to drive around and show her all my old stomping grounds (i'm pretty sure I bored her to death;p)

After a very stressful week, it was kind of great to just relax with my girls and enjoy them instead of running around with a big agenda and lots of things to cross off the never ending lists!!!

We ended the weekend by going to my brother's church, where he just became the worship leader AND the youth pastor....added to his full time job and being a dad/hubby....busy guy, but i think he kind of likes it that way! Anyway, it was a great service and we topped it all off with a trip to casa ole' where we specifically went because they have GREEN SAUCE!!!! I have not had it in years, and it is my favorite!!!

So.....all in was a great trip and the girls are tucked safely into the care of granny and papa (except for J, who I brought home) She will most definately be spoiled by the time the girls come home, after spending two weeks all by herself with granny and papa, and now being home for two weeks by herself with mommy and daddy!!! She is already headed down that road a bit....;-p

Happy sunday! back to work tomorow....ugh. Lets not think about it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

the switch

It will occur this weekend. Two of my girlies are away right now...the oldest, with her dad, which, this summer is so hard because her 6 week visit normally is broken up into two 3 week visits with a stint at home in between....however, because she had surgery on her wrist the week school let out, and she was several weeks delayed going to her dad's, she is there for a full six weeks. Whew! talk about rambling on! Anyway...i cannot go six weeks without seeing her beautiful, i am traveling this weekend to visit her....and to pick up J who is in the next town over from A, staying with my parents "by myself because I'm almost 7!" So....tomorow I am headed out with the three youngest plus one to....visit my brother and his family and see their new house.....visit my parents and see THEIR new house....visit A for the weekend.....take my kids to the beach (never promise ANYTHING to children...they NEVER forget!!!)....and finally, pull a switch on my mommy!!! I am leaving the three youngest there and bringing home J!!! Is the joke on her????

Dont get me wrong....I LOVE my babies, and I will miss them terribly...but, if they dont get to stay with granny like J did....there will be a price to pay, and I promise you....I will be the one paying it!! Some people dont understand how I can allow these visits...(i forgot to mention they will be 5 hours away), but as a kid, I remember how awesome it was when I got to go stay a week in the summer with my aunt and uncle, and how fun it was when my cousins got to stay with us for a week...oh! and the BEST was when my brothers went to stay for a week with my aunt and uncle and I got to be home with mom and dad ALL BY MYSELF!!! woo hooo!!!! Well, that will be J's experience for the first time ever. A is with her dad....M, M, and P will be with granny and papa, and J will be home with us. Probably gonna be bored, but I am sure we will have lots of fun!!! I'm excited!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

summer fun.....

and I'm missing it. I miss being at home with my kids. I am trying to be grateful for a great job that is super flexible....but I miss my kids. I miss being lazy with them...taking them to the movies (in the afternoon when its cheap), playing in the sprinkler, and well, just being with them. I am trying. But failing horribly. I am not grateful for this job. I am trapped by it. I am desperately wishing I didnt have it. I am thinking of every way possible not to have it. Its not the job itself, you understand? THE job is great. Its having to have it that sucks. I am praying for two things. To be grateful for it again, as I was at one time....and to be able to quit it. ha! is that a bit ironic? argh....i dont know. I just know I want to be at home with my babies..........

Friday, July 18, 2008

i stand corrected....

My bff has informed me that she is from the sunflower state, not the wheat state....I say, whats the difference, because, yes girl. They both make you sound like a farmer. Farmer brown (or green) ;-p You know I love you!

Now git our thar and pick us some fresh veggies outta that garden of yers giiirl!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

good friends, great times

You know you have a good friend when:

You burp your loudest, grossest burp and they laugh, acknowedge the grossness, and say "good one!"

Boat nights with L-my sis in law are awesome! We can just let loose out on the water and just be! Be whatever we want to be! Be crazy, be loud, be obnoxious, be rude, be crude, be completely not girly.....I love those times!

Hanging with J-my bff from the big wheat state....well, we just make snotty comments to each other all the time, and have a great time with it. Hey...its funny to us, and most other people would look at us and go, "whats so funny? did i miss something?" But, we know!!! ;-p

Movie nights with M or L! I love the dollar movie!!! And the whole chili's/movie combo with either one of those girls is a mom's night out heaven! A chance to go with a friend, have some great convo at chili's then off to the movies to dissapear into someone else's life for 2 hours! I would not trade it.

And J...if you are reading time we get together, we are renting that movie and watching with our hubbys for a completely different experience with that movie...our guts will be hurting for a week from laughing so hard!

All this to say....I am so blessed to have the friends I do. They are all giving, loving, and completely accepting. And to you three girls mentioned above...I LOVE YOU!!!!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

and more panties.....

About a year ago, I posted a blog on myspace about panties. You might find that odd, but, any mother of even one daughter knows that, that one word alone elicits several emotions at the same time…a few being, exhaustion, laughter, annoyance, and then finally the words just come out…."fine! just wear your panties then! I'm too tired to argue anymore!" I have five daughters, and so still to this day….panties still rule the house!

A year ago, I thought that phase would pass, however, that is not the case. Still….all but my oldest would rather run around in their panties than anything else! Play in the sprinkler? Who needs a bathing suit!? We've got panties! Bedtime? No need for expensive pj's! We've got panties! Church??? No, wait! That is where I draw the line! You MUST put clothing over the panties!!! And at that…more than once, I've seen a child of mine with her dress gathered up in her hands so everyone could see her…..yep, you guessed it! PANTIES!

Right now, I am working a full time job, and for the past 2 months, I have consistently come home to 4 of my 5 daughters running around in their panties, and only their panties! The other night, after baths, they all came to me, running around wet and naked yelling at me that, "we don't have any clean panties!!!" Well, ITS NO WONDER!!! Even though we (seriously) have at least 100 pair of panties in this house, there are never enough clean because they are wearing them like they are the hottest outfit on the runway!!! So, once again, I am thinking that eventually this phase will pass. And, I am gonna hold onto that, since it is unbearable to me to think about my girls at the age of 16 running around in their panties. I will definitely have to put my foot down on that one!

Monday, July 7, 2008

birthday song

from my father in law this morning on my way to work:

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday my daughter in law, mother of my first grandchild, and sucker who married my son
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

One of the sweetest songs anyone has ever sung to me!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

manic tuesday

I dont know if my life will ever slow down! If its not one thing, its a trip to the ER! I swear! Between working full time, trying to do some stuff on the side to make money, peeling my kids off my leg when i get home so i can try to get some of our stuff put back the way it is supposed to be while we STILL have no money from the insurance company to buy new furniture, cleaning out the storage, I mean KITCHEN, trying to finish painting the twins room and finish staining our bathroom so we can put the toilet back and get back to having two toilets for seven people instead of one, keeping the new floors vaccumed and swept and pretty, keeping the laundry done so we arent wearing dirty clothes, feeding the leeches, er, children who are still glued to my leg, trying to keep my hubby from feeling like i hate him because i am so busy that i hardly have time for a five minute conversation much less anything "else", ......ok. I'll stop right there, because I am sure you are getting the idea. Last night, instead of being able to complete a project I obligated myself to, I had to take one of my girls to the ER!!! So not her fault. And so, dont be thinking I'm upset with her....I took her to the dr yesterday because on top of the 500gazilllion things I've got going on, she has not been able to sleep lately because of a tummy issue that has kept her, who else has not been able to sleep lately???, I took her to the dr...who sent me to the er to make sure she did not have appendicitis. (she did not, praise God) and he did give her a rx to help her nausea so she could sleep (which she did last night...also, praise God) Hopefully, I will be able to get a few things done the rest of this week so that I can enjoy a few days off next week with my kiddos. I feel like I have been shoving them off to the side so much lately trying to get our house put back together....but, having to look at my house like it is, is almost too much for me. It has been 2 months and 1 day since the "flood" and I am about to my wits end....I want my house back, my kids back, my hubby back....i want ME back. I miss my "stay at home mom" days. have I whined enough for you today??? Sorry, but just feeling a little overwhelmed the last few days. I am tired, but I want soooo badly to get everything done! ~sigh~ maybe I just need a nap...........

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

do you really wanna know???? big campout was a big bust! And just so you know....not because I didnt intend on those girls having fun! I worked my butt off getting everything ready to go...and I was ON TIME!!!! For those of you who know that I am a bit time challenged, you know that was a big deal, especially considering all I had to do on Friday. The way things ended up going....hubby took daughter to her friend's house, I left work in time to go to the groc store....hubby got ice chest cleaned out and tent out of garage....I packed and loaded the truck with supplies, groceries, my stuff, my kid's stuff, and all the girls stuff....we headed out, and all was great! Until......

we got to the camp site. I am gonna be nice and just say that the same girls who begged me all year to take them camping....hate camping. Minus 1 girl. who never complained. and she was the only one.

Lets just say that they dont like bugs, and they dont like being hot. And by midnight....I had had enough. We packed everything up and drove back to my house and they slept all over my living room. Which, in the end...was fine with me, because I slept in my own bed. But, I dont mind sleeping in the tent. I think its fun. I didnt even mind the is camping for goodness sake!

So....we're just gonna leave it at will be a long while before I take a group of girls camping again. This experience is gonna stay with me for a while!

Friday, June 27, 2008

big day

so this is what i've got going on today:
1. work (which at this point stinks because i have nothing to do here today, and lots to do at home!)

2. leave and rush to get myself and my four youngest kids packed for an overnight camping trip that happens to include 5 girls from my wed night church class.

3. get the tent, ice chest, wire hangars (for roasting yummy foods), charcoal, lighter get the point....ready to load up in my truck

4. have all of this done within an hour of getting home so I can be ready once all the girls except the two i am picking up get to my house and then head out to camp!

why is this so hard today? Well, because I have not gone to the groc store to get ANY of the food. Also, my oldest is going to her friends for a birthday sleepover. Oh yeah...and they live 45 min away. Also, my hubby promised to do something that i cannot go into today, lest I spoil the surprise!

But, alas! my hubby is also my savior today! he is going to the grocery store for me to get all my stuff together. He is also getting the ice chest ready for me. He is also taking our oldest to meet her friend's mother to drop her off for the party, and he is also making sure the girls are ready to head out the door when I get home. What a sweet heart. He really does come in handy when I need some help, and when I need some lovin;-p....i sure do love him!

Friday, June 20, 2008

another post from myspace

so, not that i dont want to post new stuff on this blog...its just that the following post from my myspace blog is one of my favs. (the post about panties running a close will just have to be patient! I will post it later) gives a quick, somewhat accurate glimpse into how the day of a stay at home mom can start out. You can use your imaginations as to where it ended up!


Thursday, September 20, 2007
Current mood: nauseated
Category: Life

yes. you read correctly.
thanks to me.
I thought i was doing a nice thing. something out of the normal eggs or cereal or toast and fruit. Smoothies! Strawberry and blueberry smoothies...yeah! that will be a nice change...and tastey....and healthy. Yeah!!! They will love me for that! So, I make them each a scrumptous, Strawberry and blueberry smoothie....with a touch of lowfat whipped cream to give it a little sweet punch....yum...they were great.
Going down.
Now, its a different story when your cleaning up those nasty little stawberry seeds out of the carpet of your car, and trying to wipe them off the leather seats, and off the carseat, and oh yeah...of your daughter's chin!!!! Ugh! I didnt puke, and I will probably never eat one again!!!! Let me tell you something just in case you didnt know. Red puke running down the seat of your car is just nasty. Puke is puke. its all gross, but red puke. I think the only thing worse than that is milk. You know...the chunky kind. thats the worst...but red and in the car is running a close second.
The good thing that came out of this, is....i've been needing to clean out my car for some time now....we've made two trips to oklahoma since i cleaned it out last....well, now its cleaned out and vaccumed, and armour all'd.
now, I'm gonna go fix me a snack, cuz all this talk is making me hungry!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a normal day...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


scene: in the car driving from home to the hotel

Peyton: {crying dramatically} I left my shrekie dollie at home!!!

Mackenzie: Peytie, do you want to sing Mr. Lonely?

Peyton: NOOOO!! I'm cryyyy-ing!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

These two girls are nuts. And I love them so much! One, my cousin, the other, my sister in law...they are the same age, and they love each other....they are so much fun, and although, they could be my kids (if i had started way earlier) i have a blast with them. This was last summer, when, during a midnight wal-mart run, they decided it would be way too boring to just walk through the store. I felt like I was in high school again, and I loved every minute of it. Some might have been embarassed, but not me! I remember doing stuff like that with my friends, and they are some of my most cherished memories! so...if you are old (in body, mind, or spirit) and you see a couple girls running crazy through walmart, dont shake your head or tsk, tsk them. Be glad they are in the store and not outside saran wrapping naughty posters to your car;-p

Pink Hair...a post from my myspace blog

Current mood: amused
Last night, I gave my 12 year old pink highlights in her strawberry blonde hair. I happen to think she looks adorable. Some might think I am too "liberal" as I was called by someone at work today. (by the way..I'm almost 35 years old and no one has ever called me liberal before!) But, no. I am not too liberal...nor do i let my kids get away with whatever they want...they dont run me over...they dont act like hethens...(in public anyway). My children are just that. Children...they have their days just like all others, but for the most part, are well adjusted, well behaved, polite little girls. So why the pink hair?
Lets just say that the girl is ultra modest, extremely conservative, and has an amazing moral compass that I dont see in 12 year olds very often, so when she wants to do something crazy for a change that is as harmless as color her hair pink, I say, "why the heck not!?" When I was growing up, I was convinced that all the "wierd" people running around with pink and blue hair must have been on drugs! I was a little judgmental, and also, a little naive. Of course, when I was younger, it was such a big deal that boys pierced their ears! (or one ear, at least) I remember my dad telling my brothers that if they dared to come home with an earring, he would yank it out. period. Since then, HE has talked about getting his ear pierced, just to show he had seen the light, and that having an earring didnt make you gay, or stoned, or any of the other things that symbolized to so many people. I, also, have completely lightened up. Since my straight-laced days in high school, I have had my nose pierced and gotten a tattoo!
I just think its funny how we take one tiny little thing, like some pink streaks and make such a big deal out of it...and to go a step further, judge people for it. MAYBE SHE JUST LIKES PINK, PEOPLE! So, I suppose people can think what they want of me for not only letting her do it, but actually doing it for her. She is the best daughter any woman could ever get lucky enough to get stuck with, and I plan on letting her have some harmless fun. And just to make it funny to her....I put a big pink streak in my hair too! Now, i'm not just mom....I'm cool!!!!! hahaha...................

a cute message...

so, in light of recent events with out home...I have been forced to weed out the junk! yeah! I am glad about that, believe it or not. Well, in doing so, I found myself in my closet. As I began to go thru things and pick what to put away and what to throw away, I came accross my old high school yearbooks. I have not been good about keeping in touch with old friends, but I do have a girlfriend that I still talk to on the phone and visit with.

I began flipping through one yearbook and reading some of the messages from my friends of old...and found myself laughing hysterically at one particular message from P. (my friend) She had big dreams of going into the airforce and doing lots of grand things with her life that did not include becoming someone's slave and life giver, i.e. wife and mom. At least not right away. In my yearbook, she wrote, "....hope you do great things and make all your dreams come true, even if it IS only becoming a wife and mother!" This is funny to me because, yes, those were my dreams. I never had big career goals...I never wanted to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or anything for that matter except a good wife with a good husband and a mommy. And guess what? I achieved my goals! I am a good wife, and I do have a wonderful husband, and I am a mommy...times 5.

So, whatever happend to P? She is a wife, with a good husband, and a mommy....times 3! She never did go to the airforce, but she did lots of other wonderful things with her life. And, just like everyone else I know, she has had tough times and good times, but when it comes down to it....she loves being a wife and a mom!!! See, P? My dreams weren't so funny and crazy as you thought!

Monday, June 16, 2008


without going into too much detail at the moment...i can always expand later....I will just say that our family has been going through alot of valleys lately. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I just have to keep reminding myself of a verse out of a poem I read not long ago, that "though I love the mountaintops, its in the valley that I grow" I certainly hope that my hubby and I are both willing to learn what God is trying to teach us, so that we may grow through this experience and not let it be in vain. What a waste that would be.

I see lots and lots of different obsticles that are being tossed in front of us right now that have the potential to knock us both or at least one of us off the right trail. My prayer is that we continue to see those obsticles for what they are, and not loose sight of the bigger picture.

I will keep you posted, internet. Hope later, I have better news!