Tuesday, August 12, 2008

seething mad........

I know there are rude people in this world. I encounter them every day on my way to work. People putting on makeup or talking on the phone while they are driving and totally NOT paying attention to what is going on around them...but, I expect that. What I DONT expect, is for a complete stranger to go out of their way to be rude to someone they dont even know for no good reason at all......I just dont get it. Let me lay it out for you.

Last weekend, hubby and I decided its finally time to get rid of the crap that has been sitting in our garage for over three months. After the "great flood of 08" we decided that we are not putting the furniture back in the house that had minor flood damage. I say minor because, yes, the stuff got wet...but we could have put it back in there, but seriously....after all the work that we had to do to our house, we wanted to put furniture back in that matched. Everything we have is miss-matched. So...out to the front yard it went....and priced cheap. I know it's not worth a bunch of money, but, it is still functional, and with a little love, alot of the pieces could be brought back to life., we know this....its used, and its cheap. When you go to a garage sale, do you really expect to find brand new furniture? I dont. Well anyway, mostly we had the stuff out of the girl's rooms, a few shelves, and a computer desk. You know, the ones you get from walmart? ok...well, one of the beds was a solid wood bunk is in decent desperate need of a good paint job, or to be stripped and stained. After that, hey, its a great piece. Also, a full size loft bed, also solid wood. That sucker cost about $1200 new. has been used. But still, in decent shape. And let me reiterate, I am practically giving it away just to get it out of my life. So, here we and sweaty, sold a few things here and there...sold two twin beds we had, and several other things. I posted our garage sale on craigs list to try to get some more traffic thru, hoping we would get rid of it all. Here is the thing that makes me want to scream.

That evening, I go in, and just checking my email, someone had emailed to ask if I still had the loft bed, and then I opened another email, and all it said was...."its all junk"

WHAT???? why? why would you do that? So, I replied. "Pardon". She emails me back with, "your yard was all junk...too high" Are you kidding me? I actually gave several things away for free! I the only one that gets that its a GARAGE SALE????? I'm pretty sure you walk into it knowing that its USED! Anyway...I replied back..."Well, thank you for going out of your way to send me negative comments....I really appreciate it" That woman had the NERVE to email me back..."LOL well, sorry if the truth hurts. Your stuff was junk and i wasted my time and gas to come there" I want to slap the --well, you know what I want to say--. Again....why? when I go to a garage sale, and I dont see anything I want, I say thank you and get in my car and leave. I dont go home and go out of my way to find out how to get ahold of this person to give my opinion about their stuff. I say thank you and walk away!!! What is it about people that they feel like we even want their opinion in the first place!!?? I just simply do not understand why a person would do that. So what if my stuff is not worth hundreds of dollars??? I wont say what I wanted to reply back to her last email. I just decided to take the high road and not get into an email war with her, because, frankly....I dont need that in my life. And I dont want to be like her. I want to continue to be a nice person, and you know...I just dont have time for that anyway. I have a life.

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Pamella said...

I am sooooo sorry! You have come face to face with a nth degree Jerk!!! At least she is not a member of our family, but sadly she belongs to someone who has to put up with her desire to hurt others.
Your mother-in-law who adores you...Pamella