Thursday, September 25, 2008

fever, a clean house, and iced coffee!

so...i posted the other day about being home sick. Well, as I commented on Balancing with Jen's blog (she is so sweet she commented to see if I was feeling better), when you have a large family, one person getting sick is never just a one person gig. So, I stayed home Monday and Tuesday, not feeling well. Wed I went to work, but was scheduled to do a 3hour blood test (i work in diabetes research and volunteered to be in a study...the blood test was not because I am actually sick) so, anyhow, I am not the easiest person in the world to "stick" as we phlebotomists call it. I needed to have an iv inserted into each arm for this test. One to draw blood from and one for an injection of a glucose solution. Well, these poor ladies that had to start my iv lines. I will just say, it is a good thing needles dont bother me because they had to stick me 7 times. All is good, though, we got it done and the only problem was that the quick and large amount of glucose they injected gave me a monster headache, and by the time I was done with that test, I had two hours to actually work. So, I did that, headed home, and gathered the kiddos, headed out the door for church.

Around midnight, one of my twinies started running a high fever. Poor baby. She is a tiny girl, and so when she runs a high fever she shakes all over. Not a seizure, but just shakes violently. It scared my hubby, and scared her, so I gathered her up and started rubbing on her to get her to stop, gave her some motrin, a cold, wet cloth for her head and hubby put her in our bed so I could keep an eye on her. So, that is the road we are on today...keeping her 103 degree fever at bay. fun, fun, fun!!!

I work hard to convince my kiddos that when sick, sleep is the key! so, she is safely tucked away in my bed snoozing and I am going to clean some house today. My poor house has been shamefully neglegted over the past few weeks. Hubby and I have been soo busy working and getting some extra jobs done, our home as paid dearly, so today, I will show it some tender loving care. And, my hubby surprized me by coming back with a yummy iced coffee from mcdonald's. He must know I'm gonna need the caffine today after not getting much sleep!

Here's to the sweetest parts of being mommy! Cheers!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


its me and the baby today. i am sick. she is not. so, today she gets to watch cartoons, play around a lazy mommy, and i gave her scissors, construction paper, and glue to play with at the table! how dumb am i? oh, its fine! i was in there with her. I miss these moments so much, i dont care if i'm sick. I'm gonna enjoy the day with her!

Monday, September 15, 2008

aftermath of Ike

well, Ike came thru, and we got......NOTHING!!! What? For real. We got zip. Now, mind you, I am thankful that we did not get what Galveston and the surrounding areas got. But we could have used a little more rain than we got. It rained for about 4 to 5 hours...a small, steady rain, and then....gone. Goodbye Ike. ~sigh~

I should not complain. My family that lives in that area are sitting at home with no power. However, they did not get the flood that surrounds them, and the damage they did sustain is managable. As for those around them, some did not fair so well. It is awful to see the destruction. And amazing at the same time. It is so crazy that they got all that powerful storm, and we got spit on. Amazing how God works the weather. And, last night, I stood in my driveway, looking up at the most amazing clear night with a beautiful full moon that lit the sky up. And it was perfect weather. I love still nights like that. I am so glad fall is coming!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, i have some family that decided to ride out the storm. At first it was projected to hit south of them, so they decided to stay, but low and behold, as we woke up Friday morning, it was headed straight for them. By then, it was too late to leave. So, they bunkered down and rode it out. The eye of the storm going straight over them. Thanks to God that they are ok. Some damage, but not much compared to alot of those around them. Their town actually in the area where it is less likely to flood. Though they are still getting rain and lots of wind, they are all fine.

Now, we are prepping for our turn with Ike. Looks like we will be getting wind and rain, but not as much rain as we first thought. But, who really knows? It has just begun to sprinkle here. And we will be watching for tornados.

But, with all this going on, I must say....i love a good storm!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just a quick thought for those who lost their lives on this day seven years ago. I was nursing a new baby as I watched the nightmare unfold. I remember sitting there clutching my baby as I cried and prayed for all those in new york, washington dc, and for those with no hope of survival on flight 93. I hope we never forget that we are all vulnerable and do not know what tomorrow holds. I hope that we never forget to hug our babies and our husbands and our wives. That we never forget to call our moms and our dads and tell them that we love them. Let us never forget to thank God for every day with our families, and pray for those who do not have that sweet gift.

Say a prayer for those who lost their loved ones and must go on without them. and give your loved ones a squeeze and a kiss, and let them know how much you love them today.

God Bless.....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

things that make you say....GROSS!!!

so, i'm stalking blogs today, and i read one that made me laugh out loud. I would link it for you, however.....i cant remember which one it was! I go around and visit various blogs that are listed on the blogs of the blogs listed on my blog. get it???

so anyway, i read something funny about a kid licking a toilet seat. gross right? that is definately on the list of things you should never have to tell your kid not to do! I really started grossing out, i.e. laughing my butt off when i started thinking about some of the things I've seen my own kids do. Lets see if I can list you some!

Hmmmm...licking the dog. biting the dog. chewing on the cable that connects the v-smile controllers to the v-smile. In half. licking the floor. licking the window. licking the snot she just wiped across her face with the back of her hand. eating dog food. after the dog licked it. drinking coffee creamer right out of the bottle. eating frozen hot dogs stolen from the freezer. licking water up off the patio. licking the toy baby bottle. after dipping it in the toilet. sucking on the top of the toothpaste tube. mmmmm! And my personal favorite. sticking her fingers in her mouth after wiping her rear with one small square of toilet paper. of course after she pooped!

I wont tell you which kid did which gross thing, just in case she gives you kisses!