Thursday, September 25, 2008

fever, a clean house, and iced coffee!

so...i posted the other day about being home sick. Well, as I commented on Balancing with Jen's blog (she is so sweet she commented to see if I was feeling better), when you have a large family, one person getting sick is never just a one person gig. So, I stayed home Monday and Tuesday, not feeling well. Wed I went to work, but was scheduled to do a 3hour blood test (i work in diabetes research and volunteered to be in a study...the blood test was not because I am actually sick) so, anyhow, I am not the easiest person in the world to "stick" as we phlebotomists call it. I needed to have an iv inserted into each arm for this test. One to draw blood from and one for an injection of a glucose solution. Well, these poor ladies that had to start my iv lines. I will just say, it is a good thing needles dont bother me because they had to stick me 7 times. All is good, though, we got it done and the only problem was that the quick and large amount of glucose they injected gave me a monster headache, and by the time I was done with that test, I had two hours to actually work. So, I did that, headed home, and gathered the kiddos, headed out the door for church.

Around midnight, one of my twinies started running a high fever. Poor baby. She is a tiny girl, and so when she runs a high fever she shakes all over. Not a seizure, but just shakes violently. It scared my hubby, and scared her, so I gathered her up and started rubbing on her to get her to stop, gave her some motrin, a cold, wet cloth for her head and hubby put her in our bed so I could keep an eye on her. So, that is the road we are on today...keeping her 103 degree fever at bay. fun, fun, fun!!!

I work hard to convince my kiddos that when sick, sleep is the key! so, she is safely tucked away in my bed snoozing and I am going to clean some house today. My poor house has been shamefully neglegted over the past few weeks. Hubby and I have been soo busy working and getting some extra jobs done, our home as paid dearly, so today, I will show it some tender loving care. And, my hubby surprized me by coming back with a yummy iced coffee from mcdonald's. He must know I'm gonna need the caffine today after not getting much sleep!

Here's to the sweetest parts of being mommy! Cheers!!

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Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

SEVEN Times? I don't think even a iced coffee could have made up for that. I would have passed out long before. :) This too shall pass.