Wednesday, October 1, 2008

na-na-na na-na-na!

i cant wait for tomorow! i am leaving after work to go and visit my bestest friend in the whole world! AND....wait for it......i get my new blackberry!!! YAY!!! I am so excited...not only because i get the new blackberry curve in RED....but because i sincerely miss my old blackberry, and while mr. samsung slider has been good to me, he just doesnt have all the buttons i need to poke and push, and he doesnt take very good fact, he takes pretty horrible pictures. and he doesnt allow me the freedom to check my email either. He has lasted for over two years....something none of my other phones have ever done...and as far as allowing me to enjoy the conversations i so love, he has been good to me. But....i'm gonna send him packing soon. Time for a new little man in my curve. You fit so nicely in my hand! And did i mention your red? My very favorite color.....

Normally, i would not spend the money right now on a blackberry. They are kind of pricey, and with our budget, i could not justify it....but....i got THE. sweetest. deal. EVER. on a brand new blackberry! Our old ones we did get free thru a promo that the phone company was doing, but they were not the newest model...but this one! i snagged these babies for almost nothing! As close to free as you can get for one of these! So, hubby and i will probably have to take turns driving tomorow because we will both be wanting to play with our new phones. i say he drives first. and last. oh, and all the time in the middle! What? you want me to drive for a while? Yawn!!! i am sooooo tired baby...i just dont know if i can stay awake!.......;-p

Oh yeah...i guess i cant leave out that i am so looking forward to seeing J! She has been here with her fam several times over the last two years, but it has been almost that long since we've made the trek to their i am completely stoked for this trip. And now that they live where they do, they are pretty close to the in-laws, so we get to go and visit them too and see their new house! Hubby has been there several times, but the girls and i have not been yet. They have been doing alot of remodeling and have come to visit us several times for various things. We are kind of the central i am excited about visiting them in their home too.

And i am so excited about being able to be stuck in the car with the girls for 5 hours! Normally, i would be dreading this, but hubby and i have been working sooooo much this past few weeks, there have been several days that i have not seen my girls at all except for the 30 min i am home in the mornings, and that is spent getting everyone ready for work/school. So, i get to just talk to them all and stare at their beautiful faces.

No one is going to dampen my spirits this weekend. Its been a while since i have been in this good a mood, and i plan to enjoy every single minute of it!


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