Wednesday, November 19, 2008

laugh and cry

One of the twin's sunday school teacher found me after church sunday to tell me how cute she thought MR is....and this is one of the reasons why:

teacher: MR, can you name one of the ten commandments?

MR: Um......I think I'll name mine.......Cinderella!

I'm sorry...but if you dont think thats funny, you have NO sense of humor, and I'll laugh for you. Argh! just makes me want to squeeze her!

In other news....hubby just left for at least 10 days. He is driving out of town as I type this...on his way to Kansas to work with my brother for a few weeks. Not sure how long he'll do this for, but I am telling you....he has been looking hard for work and there are no jobs to be had. At least not any that would pay more than what we would have to pay out in babysitting. I hate money.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My super hopeFILLED romance: i'm in love with my best friend

So, after i posted yesterday, and spent half the day reading blogs and getting lost in stories....I thought I'd post with this title.

I am in love with my best friend. Not J...haha...she is my other best friend....but my hubby....who is daily with me, loving me, supporting me, and lately, cooks for me, (kindof)cleans for me, and does my laundry. By no means is our relationship perfect. We fight, we argue, we accuse, sometimes, I even want to hit him....and i'm sure the feeling is mutual....but we dont. Because we love each other. When we fight, we make up. when we argue, we come to some sort of compromise, when we accuse, we apologize. and for the record...we never hit. We are just like everyone else out there who live with another human being. But, I think what keeps us strong is this. No matter what is happening, I know he is in it for the long haul. And he knows i am. Divorce is never on the table.

So, as much as we have to work on in our relationship....he is still my best friend, and I am in love with him....soon, we will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary, and I am so looking forward to the rest of my life with him.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

♥ My Super Hopeless Romance ♥: I'm in love with my best friend...

♥ My Super Hopeless Romance ♥: I'm in love with my best friend...

ok, i hope i am doing this right.... (edit: i am linking this post to her page??? who knows if i did it correctly)

i love to read. LOVE it. i love immersing myself into a storyline and into lives....real or otherwise. I think that is why i love blogging so much...and why i spend hours reading other people's blogs. So, i happened upon a blog today...and i started at the beginning after reading the latest post...and, i will just say....this girl pulled me right in. She posts on her blogpage that this is fiction....but i think that is great...i dont care! its a great am encouraging anyone who just wants to disappear into another world for a bit to check it out here.

Monday, November 10, 2008


so....i have five daughters...and four of them are infatuated with my boobs. I dont know why....I hope it ends soon, but for gives me stuff to laugh about.
***i am going to insert here that A, the oldest used to be infatuated with my boobs, but i think it was just to keep her arms warm***

anyway, my kids are infatuated with my boobs. Everytime i'm in the tub...they are staring at them, asking why they are so big, asking if they will have big boobies, asking when they will have big boobies, asking why they dont have them now...i usually just laugh. When i am changing clothes, someone will inevitably walk in and again with the staring and the questions. So, yesterday, i have on this tank top with one of those little shelf bras (that do NOTHING by the way) and I am changing because i need to run to the store. So, enter 3 of the girls....of course. So, I decided to get creative and put my bra over the tank and slip it off, no boobs, M says "how did you do that? i didnt see your boobies!" I said, "its a trick!" Then J just stares at my chest and says...."i can still see your nibbles"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

goodbye hair

i am sad and depressed. My baby....yes, i know she is almost four, but she is still my no longer looks like a baby. she now looks like a little girl. why? why do children feel the need to shove as much gum as they can in their mouths??? and how is it that they have no clue how it ended up in a huge wad in their hair!!! And, why doesnt peanut butter always work??? i have no answers, but what I do have is an almost four year old with a short, sassy bob. Yesterday morning, I had a baby girl with hair down to the middle of her back. Today, short sassy bob.

Oh, is adorable on her...and she loves it. But....oh my...i miss the hair. And I really have no one to blame (except her for the gum) because i am the one who cut it off. But, still....i am sad. as the locks fell off, so did the baby look she was still sporting. And she was the last of my babies who still had soon as i started cutting, i regretted it. But, she is still beautiful, and the haircut really suits why am i still so sad???

oh to come....I am horrible at getting photos on here because I have no stinking camera except the one on my phone. And i tried to get one of her last night, but she was so busy flipping her head about to feel how short her hair was, i could not get one single pic of her that was not fuzzy!!.....i will try again.