Thursday, August 28, 2008


so, its been a very long week. It will have to suffice for me to say that we are all having to adjust to the new "school" schedule. The kids are great. Its me and hubby. Our timing is not perfect on when to do what, and how fast to do it. We are four days in to school, and the girls missed the bus this morning. yes. already. so.....~sigh~.....

I am so ready for this hellish week to be over. Our nerves are shot. Not because of school. Because of life. I know you arent supposed to let life get you down, and normally....I am so laid back and really just let stuff roll off my back. But i have to be honest. I am cranky. I am stressed. I am not fun to live with right now. I keep putting the "stuff" i am carrying down, only to turn around and pick it up again. I'm tired. Tired of stressing, tired of fighting, tired of being cranky. that i got that off my twinkies started kindergarten! It does not seem possible! Plus, my oldest is in 7th grade! 7th! That was quite a year for me! I met some of my lifelong friends in 7th grade. I just cant even believe it. wow. I am getting old.

But, the girls have had so much fun this week at school! They love their teachers, and are having a great time making new friends. I dont think it even bothers them that they arent in the same class! I took monday off so that i could take them to school, get them settled, and spend the day with P, since it was her first day to be all alone. We had a great day together. It was so fun, and it really made me not want to go back to work. I want to be with her so bad. Apparently, spending the day with her monday, made her miss me pretty bad too. Hubby said that Tuesday, she asked for me all day long. awwww....i'm glad she missed me, but i wish she didnt have to.

Well, i must be off! work calls;-p

Thursday, August 21, 2008

girlie fun!

So, I just wanted to share a few moments from last weekend. We had a blast, and later I will probably have more to share. But for now....I can enj0y the memories that go along with these crazy photos that are my seven girls! I have 5 daughters, but in my heart....these seven belong to me!!!

Hubby and sissy....and below....all my girls together!

I love this pic of the girls with my mil. Wonder what they're thinking???

Red Robin in a family tradition! And dont you know, these girls turn heads everywhere they go!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is EXACTLY what its like at our house sometimes! 5 girls....use your imagination!

what it's not

It's not wednesday. It's not wordless. What it IS is cuteness. Utter, complete, sqeeze the cheeks, adorableness that is my baby, P. Argh....this girl gave me such a hard time as a 0 thru 5 month old, but now.......would you be able to pass up a squeeze on those cheeks? I would be willing to wager, NO!...I know I cannot...and right now, she is 3 1/2!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

seething mad........

I know there are rude people in this world. I encounter them every day on my way to work. People putting on makeup or talking on the phone while they are driving and totally NOT paying attention to what is going on around them...but, I expect that. What I DONT expect, is for a complete stranger to go out of their way to be rude to someone they dont even know for no good reason at all......I just dont get it. Let me lay it out for you.

Last weekend, hubby and I decided its finally time to get rid of the crap that has been sitting in our garage for over three months. After the "great flood of 08" we decided that we are not putting the furniture back in the house that had minor flood damage. I say minor because, yes, the stuff got wet...but we could have put it back in there, but seriously....after all the work that we had to do to our house, we wanted to put furniture back in that matched. Everything we have is miss-matched. So...out to the front yard it went....and priced cheap. I know it's not worth a bunch of money, but, it is still functional, and with a little love, alot of the pieces could be brought back to life., we know this....its used, and its cheap. When you go to a garage sale, do you really expect to find brand new furniture? I dont. Well anyway, mostly we had the stuff out of the girl's rooms, a few shelves, and a computer desk. You know, the ones you get from walmart? ok...well, one of the beds was a solid wood bunk is in decent desperate need of a good paint job, or to be stripped and stained. After that, hey, its a great piece. Also, a full size loft bed, also solid wood. That sucker cost about $1200 new. has been used. But still, in decent shape. And let me reiterate, I am practically giving it away just to get it out of my life. So, here we and sweaty, sold a few things here and there...sold two twin beds we had, and several other things. I posted our garage sale on craigs list to try to get some more traffic thru, hoping we would get rid of it all. Here is the thing that makes me want to scream.

That evening, I go in, and just checking my email, someone had emailed to ask if I still had the loft bed, and then I opened another email, and all it said was...."its all junk"

WHAT???? why? why would you do that? So, I replied. "Pardon". She emails me back with, "your yard was all junk...too high" Are you kidding me? I actually gave several things away for free! I the only one that gets that its a GARAGE SALE????? I'm pretty sure you walk into it knowing that its USED! Anyway...I replied back..."Well, thank you for going out of your way to send me negative comments....I really appreciate it" That woman had the NERVE to email me back..."LOL well, sorry if the truth hurts. Your stuff was junk and i wasted my time and gas to come there" I want to slap the --well, you know what I want to say--. Again....why? when I go to a garage sale, and I dont see anything I want, I say thank you and get in my car and leave. I dont go home and go out of my way to find out how to get ahold of this person to give my opinion about their stuff. I say thank you and walk away!!! What is it about people that they feel like we even want their opinion in the first place!!?? I just simply do not understand why a person would do that. So what if my stuff is not worth hundreds of dollars??? I wont say what I wanted to reply back to her last email. I just decided to take the high road and not get into an email war with her, because, frankly....I dont need that in my life. And I dont want to be like her. I want to continue to be a nice person, and you know...I just dont have time for that anyway. I have a life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

uh, oh!!!

They're back! Well, not quite yet, but they will be. One is coming on Tuesday, the other will be here on Thursday. And me??? I am soooo excited! I miss these girls like crazy! They spent several weeks with me last summer, and while they are both only staying a for the week this year, I will take what I can get! When they left last summer, I cried. I want them to both just move in! However, I know that will not happen, so I am happy to take the summer visits while they still happen.

We did alot of swimming and laying out. I think I had the best tan of my life last year! Since going back to work, I have not layed out once this year, but I am thinking, I might have to change that this week!

A few pics of last summer events:
We made many a run to walmart. This is what happens when you take two 18 year old girls to walmart at midnight. And, let me just say....this picture, was only the beginning.....

My girls miss these two as much as I do...for them, its like having two more big sisters, but big sisters who are old enough to drive and take them for ice cream! For me, it is like having little sisters. I dont have any of my own. I have a sil that is like a sister, and a best friend that is truly one of those friends where you cant remember your life without them. She IS family. And these two? like having little sisters that keep you young! There are just not words to describe my love for them. So, I problably wont be spending my precious little time with them on the computer, but maybe next week, I'll have new pics and a few stories. I know I'll have some wonderful memories!

Friday, August 8, 2008

center of conversation

After eating a quick meal in the car while running errands, the girls had finished their drinks and were munching ice. My mom overheard the following conversation:

M1: M-you spit on me!

M2: {straight faced} No I didnt. It just pooped out of my mouth.

M&M: Granny, why are you laughing? Whats so funny? What?????

Granny: {No answer because she is still laughing}

Friday, August 1, 2008

in the upcoming weeks....

you might find me crying on here. alot.

There are several hard things about having your kids so close together. One of them being, when they start going...they go fast! Ok, Ok. So, I am only talking about elementary school....but i know it will be the same when they start leaving me! My twins are staring kindergarten this year. What a change that will be around my house. I am not sure what P is going to do when the M&M's are not there to entertain her all day! I am thinking this could go well, or, she could burn the house down. I'm not sure which one I'd vote for today! She plays alone really, really well...but for short amounts of time. She has NEVER been left to play alone for an entire day before. She is always with the twinkies. So....soon, and very soon, I will be dealing with TWO kids adjusting to all day kindergarten, one in second grade, one in (argh!!!) seventh grade!, and then, the one left at home.....I have a feeling our evening are about to get crazy!!!!

More to come!