Thursday, August 28, 2008


so, its been a very long week. It will have to suffice for me to say that we are all having to adjust to the new "school" schedule. The kids are great. Its me and hubby. Our timing is not perfect on when to do what, and how fast to do it. We are four days in to school, and the girls missed the bus this morning. yes. already. so.....~sigh~.....

I am so ready for this hellish week to be over. Our nerves are shot. Not because of school. Because of life. I know you arent supposed to let life get you down, and normally....I am so laid back and really just let stuff roll off my back. But i have to be honest. I am cranky. I am stressed. I am not fun to live with right now. I keep putting the "stuff" i am carrying down, only to turn around and pick it up again. I'm tired. Tired of stressing, tired of fighting, tired of being cranky. that i got that off my twinkies started kindergarten! It does not seem possible! Plus, my oldest is in 7th grade! 7th! That was quite a year for me! I met some of my lifelong friends in 7th grade. I just cant even believe it. wow. I am getting old.

But, the girls have had so much fun this week at school! They love their teachers, and are having a great time making new friends. I dont think it even bothers them that they arent in the same class! I took monday off so that i could take them to school, get them settled, and spend the day with P, since it was her first day to be all alone. We had a great day together. It was so fun, and it really made me not want to go back to work. I want to be with her so bad. Apparently, spending the day with her monday, made her miss me pretty bad too. Hubby said that Tuesday, she asked for me all day long. awwww....i'm glad she missed me, but i wish she didnt have to.

Well, i must be off! work calls;-p

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the SITS Girls said...

Getting back into the swing of school is never easy. Ugh. We are having a contest over at SITS, we'd love to see you!