Monday, August 11, 2008

uh, oh!!!

They're back! Well, not quite yet, but they will be. One is coming on Tuesday, the other will be here on Thursday. And me??? I am soooo excited! I miss these girls like crazy! They spent several weeks with me last summer, and while they are both only staying a for the week this year, I will take what I can get! When they left last summer, I cried. I want them to both just move in! However, I know that will not happen, so I am happy to take the summer visits while they still happen.

We did alot of swimming and laying out. I think I had the best tan of my life last year! Since going back to work, I have not layed out once this year, but I am thinking, I might have to change that this week!

A few pics of last summer events:
We made many a run to walmart. This is what happens when you take two 18 year old girls to walmart at midnight. And, let me just say....this picture, was only the beginning.....

My girls miss these two as much as I do...for them, its like having two more big sisters, but big sisters who are old enough to drive and take them for ice cream! For me, it is like having little sisters. I dont have any of my own. I have a sil that is like a sister, and a best friend that is truly one of those friends where you cant remember your life without them. She IS family. And these two? like having little sisters that keep you young! There are just not words to describe my love for them. So, I problably wont be spending my precious little time with them on the computer, but maybe next week, I'll have new pics and a few stories. I know I'll have some wonderful memories!

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