Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just wondering....does anyone else find it funny and unusual that I have a wild turkey on my house? Now, mind you....if I lived even remotely in the country, I would not even think twice about this. However....I live off Main Street. Literally, and figuratively. Yes, my house does back up to the lake, and yes, there is a creek that runs along my back fence out to said lake...but in the five years that we have lived in this house, these are the things we have encountered....a tarantula as big as my hand. Skunks, bunnies, snakes....lost of snakes....coyotes, opossoms, racoons, bats, owls, and now....a wild turkey. I know....this is random...i have lots of other things to post about, but another day....just wanted to put this out there for now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

nearly a month

i cant believe it has been almost a month since i last posted. And that last post was incredibly short!
I dont think my life can get much busier! um...maybe i shouldnt be saying that...but...its out, i'll let life happen. know i quit my full time job at the end of april. I did this because we were moving to kansas and i needed to pack and prepare for that move...but most of you know...we decided not to move. great...awesome...i'm so now, we have some new life changes.
A. we are doing Dave Ramsey's financial peace university with out small group, so we are on a tight, tight budget and getting debt free...yay!
B. my hubster has basically 3 jobs...he contracts for a servicing company, and he owns two buisnesses...he owns a landscaping buisness that keeps him very busy, and he also owns a vending company that is taking off! so...more work for him, and more work for me, as i now have lots of accounts to keep up. and...
C. I am now working from home for a staging company that stages homes that are for sale. I used to work part time for this company doing various things such as cleaning, painting, and help I am working for them with thier office stuff. I am going to love this. I am just getting started, but this will turn into a bigger job...but i am very much looking forward to it! the effort to get myself very organized, I have a daily "to do" list....and somewhere in there I have worked in a daily workout for myself....I go to the gym at least 3 times a week with my sis in law....we like to go four and we work out one day here....I have lost 19 pounds so far! and I am also scheduling in fun time for me and the girls and daddy....we swim and play....the kids have commissioned jobs to do around the house, and as soon as my car is in working order again, we will have a weekly library day. I cant wait for that one! not that i will have much time to read...but far we are doing well....i am getting alot accomplished and the tv has barely been on this summer! usually it is on all day....i know, bad right? but now, we are living on purpose, and i cant be more excited! i will try to schedule in blogging too:)
for now...i hope you are having a great summer and i will try to keep you posted!