Monday, April 20, 2009

shout out!

To my brother and sis in law and their newest little addition, baby J!!! I cannot wait to go snuggle and love on this little guy!

As is the norm for my flair for the dramatic family, this guy chose to make his entrance into the world during some nasty flooding in the area!

even so...he is here and doing wonderfully, as is mommy.

This makes me miss this stage with my babies....i love, love, love snuggling with a newborn baby....the way they just snuggle right up to you and you can cradle them and they are so peaceful! ahhhh......i miss those days.

Well, in any case....i will get to snuggle this cutie pretty soon!!!!

It is wonderful to see the miracle of life after the tragedy of gives hope and joy and sometimes a little peace.

Happy 2nd day of life J!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

no catchy title...just a post

I wanted to post just a bit....yesterday, a very dear friend of the family passed away. I dont even really know what to write, but I feel compelled to because this is my outlet....this is where I throw things out there that are going on in my life. it is.
Death is inevitable. It will happen to why does it seem so unfair? My heart aches for our friends, because it was their father who went to be with our Lord. He was one year older than my own dad....and I cannot even fathom life without my daddy here. My husband loved this man as his own father....loves this man's children as his own sweet hubby has been best friends this man's sons for 17 or so heart is breaking....
It seems so unfair that i am sitting here at work and they are having to deal with the loss of their seems so unfair that we were all visiting with family and celebrating Easter, and his life was slipping away. Except difficult as it is for those here who love him....I know that he is now whole and celebrating with Christ. Not suffering anymore. So....I grieve for my dear friends, and their lovely mother because they cannot spend more earthly time with their father/husband. My heart breaks for them because of their pain. Yet....know that life here must go on, and all we can do is love on them and be there for them. Right now things just feel unfair.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today is my FRIDAY! yeah, baby! {spoken as austin powers} I am so glad too!!! I am so ready to be done with work!!! on my 3 week countdown....unless i give in and work and extra week...then, well, I guess I just start my 3 week countdown over again:( OH well...just another week of pay to stash away.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today for some reason. Missing when my babies looked like this. I miss having a baby. I dont really want another one...just miss mine being this little. I miss little feet and tiny hands. I miss rocking a sleeping baby. AH! There is nothing more peaceful than that!
I also miss this stage! This was one of the best snow days ever! My kids had so much fun, and this is one of my favorite shots of MK. She had to come in soon after this pic because she started turning blue from the cold! But, while it lasted....she had a blast!

Do you notice the live baby in the stroller here??? A and MR were pushing strollers around the house...only, A had a live baby in her stroller. This was her favorite thing to do with every single one of her sisters. Push them around in a toy stroller. For some reason, she got the biggest kick out of the fact that they fit like a baby doll. But, hey....I ain't complainin! Free babysitter? Heck yeah!
Well, I am off to enjoy my weekend full of coloring easter eggs, egg hunts, cleaning, and cooking! We are spending easter with my in-laws and wonderful bro and sis in law and my crazy, wonderful nephews! God Bless you!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

**update to the update**

well seems as though we cannot make up our minds! Remember all the rambling I did about moving??? Scratch that. We aren't. Moving, that is. {and here is where i do cartwheels and shake my pom poms}

No...I guess I shouldnt say that. While I AM glad we are staying...there are a few reasons why I am the slightest bit sad about not moving. The short list is this:

1. I was looking forward to being closer to my brother and my aunt and uncle.

2. I was looking forward to being 2 hours away from mil/fil and R&J instead of the now 5 hours.

3. I was sort of looking forward to homeschooling my oldest daughter, but am relieved that I dont have to....she is already smarter than me, and that would just confirm it!

4. uh....thats about it.

I told you....short list. I will say this, though. Everything I said before today is true. I agonized about alot of things, and I would have been happy moving. Its just that I'm happier not. The good thing about it is....I am still quitting my job. I get to go back to staying with my kiddos, which, I am extremely glad about considering summer is comming and I am looking forward to spending lots and lots of time in the pool, and lazy days reading in the shade! Mostly, I am looking forward to spending those days with my sil! We plan to go to the library...grab up lots of good books....put on our swimsuits, throw the kids in the pool and enjoy this summer like no other!!!

I have less than a month left here at work, and am spending my time prepping stuff for my replacement. so...I guess I better go finish that. The faster I get him trained, the faster my last day approaches!!!