Monday, April 13, 2009

no catchy title...just a post

I wanted to post just a bit....yesterday, a very dear friend of the family passed away. I dont even really know what to write, but I feel compelled to because this is my outlet....this is where I throw things out there that are going on in my life. it is.
Death is inevitable. It will happen to why does it seem so unfair? My heart aches for our friends, because it was their father who went to be with our Lord. He was one year older than my own dad....and I cannot even fathom life without my daddy here. My husband loved this man as his own father....loves this man's children as his own sweet hubby has been best friends this man's sons for 17 or so heart is breaking....
It seems so unfair that i am sitting here at work and they are having to deal with the loss of their seems so unfair that we were all visiting with family and celebrating Easter, and his life was slipping away. Except difficult as it is for those here who love him....I know that he is now whole and celebrating with Christ. Not suffering anymore. So....I grieve for my dear friends, and their lovely mother because they cannot spend more earthly time with their father/husband. My heart breaks for them because of their pain. Yet....know that life here must go on, and all we can do is love on them and be there for them. Right now things just feel unfair.

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