Tuesday, April 7, 2009

**update to the update**

well seems as though we cannot make up our minds! Remember all the rambling I did about moving??? Scratch that. We aren't. Moving, that is. {and here is where i do cartwheels and shake my pom poms}

No...I guess I shouldnt say that. While I AM glad we are staying...there are a few reasons why I am the slightest bit sad about not moving. The short list is this:

1. I was looking forward to being closer to my brother and my aunt and uncle.

2. I was looking forward to being 2 hours away from mil/fil and R&J instead of the now 5 hours.

3. I was sort of looking forward to homeschooling my oldest daughter, but am relieved that I dont have to....she is already smarter than me, and that would just confirm it!

4. uh....thats about it.

I told you....short list. I will say this, though. Everything I said before today is true. I agonized about alot of things, and I would have been happy moving. Its just that I'm happier not. The good thing about it is....I am still quitting my job. I get to go back to staying with my kiddos, which, I am extremely glad about considering summer is comming and I am looking forward to spending lots and lots of time in the pool, and lazy days reading in the shade! Mostly, I am looking forward to spending those days with my sil! We plan to go to the library...grab up lots of good books....put on our swimsuits, throw the kids in the pool and enjoy this summer like no other!!!

I have less than a month left here at work, and am spending my time prepping stuff for my replacement. so...I guess I better go finish that. The faster I get him trained, the faster my last day approaches!!!

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Kelly Deneen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. :) And yayy for redheads! I'm glad the move/not move thing worked out for you!