Wednesday, March 18, 2009

home alone....

I am home alone. Completely alone. For a week! Its good...and bad. Its crazy how much I miss talking! lol...I know. silly. But true. And crazy how much I miss hearing my girls talking. The hubby is working all week in that other state. My kiddos are all at my mom and dad's for spring break. And I am here. Alone.

I am sort of enjoying the quiet. I have been doing alot of reading when I should be doing alot of packing! But I hate packing so early! I inevitably will pack something that I will end up needing before we actually move. I hate that. But, it is sooooo quiet that I cant sleep! I have been letting the dog in at night to roam about the house. That helps a little...but I have a hard time sleeping when the house is completely empty! I know...there is something wrong with me.

My mom on the other hand....she will probably sleep for a week when the kids leave! It is not just mine that are there! It went down like this....Friday my bro and sil brought their daughter to me (from kansas) She wanted to go spend spring break with granny and papa too! So, after work on friday, I loaded up my five kids plus luggage, plus niece and started out... Oh Wait! we have to stop on the way out and meet A's bff and mom because bff is going with us too! So, here I am....alone, after a long day of work, traveling by myself with SEVEN girls!!!! I know...I'm crazy. But, actually it wasnt bad. We left out, and we did not have to stop once! That, people, is a miracle! If you dont believe in God, well....I'd rethink that position if I were you. 8 females in a car driving 300+ miles and not ONE bathroom break??? And the two older girls kept me quite entertained! I love chatting with my almost 13 year old....she is witty and funny, and her and bff are total they have alot of differences of opinion that is quite amusing to listen to., we get there and the next day my other neice and my nephew come over to my parents...and of course they are going to spend the night! We cannot expect them to want to go home with the cousins here!!! I am telling you parents are saints!

So....that eve...I take my oldest and bff to her dad's house where they will be spending the rest of their week. So, that leaves my mom and dad with seven kids at the house....but wait! There is more! My grandparents are on vacation, so...yesterday, they drove down....i dont know how long they are staying, but my parents have a housefull to say the least!

Saints, I tell you. is wednesday. I only have 3 more nights of this quiet, so I am going to try to enjoy it, and try to get some work done at the house.....can you imagine if I wasted all this alone time on RELAXING??????????

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Corrie said...

the kiddos had so much fun with the cousins at granny's. and she didn't just survive, she did so many projects with them. amazing. my girl swears she wants to come live with you.or not so much you as your girls!