Monday, December 21, 2009

because its my job to gross everyone out......

here is a snapshot of my day...**disclaimer: this is not, I repeat NOT for the squeamish**

If you have been a reader of my know I have some pretty gross stories to tell regarding poop, puke, and other bodily fluids. I realize it has been a very long time since I have blogged...and for that, I apologize. However, if you find yourself in need of a good laugh today, then by all means, have a good belly laugh at my expense......

so....I got up this morning on a mission. I emptied the dishwasher, refilled it with the few dishes that were in the sink, made the girl's some cereal and put on a pot of coffee. As the girl's were bringing me their bowls, MR comes back into the kitchen from the living room with the news that "someone pooped in the living room, I think." WHAT???? That has not been an issue for a while now, since my youngest just turned 5! However, since it has been pretty cold at night we have been letting the dog in with the strictest of instructions to lay by the back door only. And usually....she complies. Mind you, this dog is like 5 years old, and has been potty trained since about 4 months. She has the rarest of accidents and only when there is no other option, she poops in the house. This was definitely one of those times and when I went to check it out, she had apparently had an upset tummy, because it was not just poop, but...yes, you guessed it....diarrhea. yay.
so...I send everyone out so no one gets sick and get to work. Of course, she had to poop on the carpet and not the hardwood..why is that anyway??? I just don't get it. But, whatever, it had to be cleaned, and since I am the mom, the job falls to me. So, like I said, I get to work. I get the biggest portion of it cleaned up and break out the carpet shampooer. ~by the way...whoever decided to make those little angelic pieces of heaven deserves a great reward~ so.....I work and work until the bucket is full and I have to empty it. is where the unfortunate events begin to unfold.
I am on my way to the bathroom, gingerly holding my bucket of poo water...carefully walking so as not to spill a drop. One of my twins passes me in the hall and accidentally drops a princess hat right in front of me.....I step on said princess hat and slip. Shall I go on? right. I cant leave you hanging. Of course, as I slip, I lose the cautious grip I have on the bucket of poo water and I watch as, in slow motion, the bucket of poo water flies through the air, lands on the floor, the lid pops off and stinky, disgusting, foul, awful poo water not just spills, but splashes EVERYWHERE!!!! All over the hall floor, the bathroom floor, the walls, the doors, the baseboards, and yes....all over me.
I am pretty sure I have not screamed like that ever. Not even during childbirth. Not ever.
My hubby comes flying around the corner and stops in his tracks. He thought I was hurt, but when he rounded the corner and saw what he saw, he turned on his heels and headed out. quick like.
Needless to say, I spent another hour cleaning up the floors, walls, doors, and then back to the carpet....then I got to go take a shower. That was about 12 hours ago, and the smell of stinky, putrid poo water is still burned into my nose hairs.
Anyone out there have a cure for that? If so, I'd sure like to hear it. I think most of it is in my head. All day long, the only thing I see when I close my eyes is that bucket of poo water flying through the air.
I am sure it could have been worse. But the only thing that I can think of is, if it would have ALL landed on me.....and, while I am surely thankful that did not happen......I am still thinking....why me??????????

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

two more weeks!

wow have things been crazy around here! I am so stinking busy, I cant seem to keep my focus. I need a good course in balancing things. thing I am looking forward is starting in two weeks!!!! Now....I was very, very excited that summer was here at the end of last school year...and it has been a busy, crazy, fun summer. We have gotten alot accomplished, and I got to reconnect with my kiddos after working full time for a year and a half. But now....I am ready for school to start. And so are my kids! They miss their friends, and their teachers....and I think the miss the structure of the school year. We are pretty lax around here in the summer....we... scratch that... they sleep in a little in the summer, and stay up late....they play games and know, the normal stuff. but we are all ready to start back up with the structure. I know I am....Working from home is just as hard sometimes as working away from home. Just in a different way. I seem to have a hard time balancing between working at my computer and cleaning my house....:) It is feast or famine with kiddos have been working hard to earn money to put in their banks, so that has been a big help. Anyone who has more than one child knows, however, that when you wake up to a nice, clean home in the morning, have a cup of coffee, enjoy a few minutes of quiet after the hubby leaves and before the kids wake up.....ends very quickly once the kids actually get out of bed.
well, I have about five min before the kids have to go to bed....we are easing back into early bedtimes so the school bedtime is not such a shock! Hopefully it wont be a month before I get to post again!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

come and gone....

so, i had another birthday. Praise the Lord! Glad to be alive.
My 19 year old babysitter, that is more like a daughter/friend...well, she is more like a daughter...she is my friend. Anyway, she asked me the other day if she would ever truly feel her age. She is about to turn 20, and that realization feels strange to her. I think when you are a teenager, you expect turning 20 to be some amazing transformation from still feeling like a kid to being a mature, self reliant adult overnight. I just laughed. And then I told her that....I'm 36 years old. I have been married twice. I have five children. I have not lived in my parents house for 18 years. I have my own car, my own house, my own yard to take care of, dishes to wash, toilets to clean, dog to get the idea. And still....somehow, when I look in the mirror, I still see a 17 year old girl!!! Sometimes when I take a good, long look at my life, sometimes I still wonder, "how did this happen???"
I dont think this is a bad thing. I think it helps keep me young. I take care of my kids, my husband, my dog! I do my thing....but in my heart.....I am still a carefree girl. Nothing wrong with that!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

funny bunny....

Meet Fluffy....full name Fluffy Peter Cottontail. Now, before you get all upset that I've captured this cutie little bunny and tried to keep it....I'm gonna say right up front, that after being certain that Fluffy could take care of himself....I let him go. But.....I cannot resist trying to give you a mental picture of what that experience was like.
So, with five girls who love soft, furry objects, it has been so fun to watch them with this bunny. They love to feed him carrotts and lettuce and pet him. Now, Fluffy is somewhat ok with being pet while in his cage, but the second he thinks your gonna try to pick him up.....the crazy wild in him comes out!, i have told the girls all along that we will have to release him when he gets big enough....of course, they heard me, but they did not "hear" me. So...yesterday, I decided was the day. I knew if I put it off any longer, they would really start getting attached, and it was just going to be even harder. So...I announced that those who wanted to say goodbye to come with me, we were having a "letting Fluffy go" ceremony. I grabbed the cage, and everyone followed me out back to the creek....there are tons of rabbits out there, and I knew he would have no problem at all finding food and shelter.
Now....our back gate to our fence looks out to the area where we were, and that fence is chain link. Meet Andie.

This is our sweet, gentle, loving puppy dog, Andie. She really is, sweet and gentle. She doesnt mean to kill bunnies. REally, she doesnt. She just like to chase them, and sometimes, well...she catches them. Actually, let me rephrase that. She USED to be able to catch them...she has not touched one in a few years. (dont worry, i'm not going to tell you she killed fluffy) Anyway....andie was looking at us thru the chain link fence last night as we stood there, saying our goodbyes to fluffy. As a precaution, I checked to make sure that andie was safetly tucked away in the backyard before letting fluffy go. So....goodbyes said, I put fluffy on the ground, and my sweet, sniffling children watched as fluffy loped slowly away.
Andie, seeing fluffy hopping away....burst thru the chain link fence and the chase was on. She ran past us so fast that she knocked a few of the kids over and complete and utter mayhem insued! The girls were screaming, I was screaming and chasing the dog, chasing the rabbit, running for its life! Luckily, we were close enough to the creek that the bunny was able to escape into the brush and Andie, knowing she was NOT going to find that rabbit, and knowing she WAS in alot of trouble, slowly came back to me. My kids were crying and screaming, and angry. One in particular was just traumitzed! She was certain that Andie ate Fluffy, and it took me 30 minutes to convince her that I promised with all my heart that Andie did not catch Fluffy, and Fluffy was safe in the woods.
It is amazing how, with children and animals, things can go from slow paced and gentle, to complete chaos in a matter of seconds! I was trying to give my kiddos a loving experience releasing an animal back into the wild and teaching them that, even though they really, really, really wanted to keep fluffy forever, that it was best for fluffy to be able to live in its natural habitat. Instead, I ended up giving them a fast paced, traumitizing episode of wild kingdom! ~sigh~ Oh well....i tried.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just wondering....does anyone else find it funny and unusual that I have a wild turkey on my house? Now, mind you....if I lived even remotely in the country, I would not even think twice about this. However....I live off Main Street. Literally, and figuratively. Yes, my house does back up to the lake, and yes, there is a creek that runs along my back fence out to said lake...but in the five years that we have lived in this house, these are the things we have encountered....a tarantula as big as my hand. Skunks, bunnies, snakes....lost of snakes....coyotes, opossoms, racoons, bats, owls, and now....a wild turkey. I know....this is random...i have lots of other things to post about, but another day....just wanted to put this out there for now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

nearly a month

i cant believe it has been almost a month since i last posted. And that last post was incredibly short!
I dont think my life can get much busier! um...maybe i shouldnt be saying that...but...its out, i'll let life happen. know i quit my full time job at the end of april. I did this because we were moving to kansas and i needed to pack and prepare for that move...but most of you know...we decided not to move. great...awesome...i'm so now, we have some new life changes.
A. we are doing Dave Ramsey's financial peace university with out small group, so we are on a tight, tight budget and getting debt free...yay!
B. my hubster has basically 3 jobs...he contracts for a servicing company, and he owns two buisnesses...he owns a landscaping buisness that keeps him very busy, and he also owns a vending company that is taking off! so...more work for him, and more work for me, as i now have lots of accounts to keep up. and...
C. I am now working from home for a staging company that stages homes that are for sale. I used to work part time for this company doing various things such as cleaning, painting, and help I am working for them with thier office stuff. I am going to love this. I am just getting started, but this will turn into a bigger job...but i am very much looking forward to it! the effort to get myself very organized, I have a daily "to do" list....and somewhere in there I have worked in a daily workout for myself....I go to the gym at least 3 times a week with my sis in law....we like to go four and we work out one day here....I have lost 19 pounds so far! and I am also scheduling in fun time for me and the girls and daddy....we swim and play....the kids have commissioned jobs to do around the house, and as soon as my car is in working order again, we will have a weekly library day. I cant wait for that one! not that i will have much time to read...but far we are doing well....i am getting alot accomplished and the tv has barely been on this summer! usually it is on all day....i know, bad right? but now, we are living on purpose, and i cant be more excited! i will try to schedule in blogging too:)
for now...i hope you are having a great summer and i will try to keep you posted!

Monday, May 25, 2009

crazy train

The crazy train has left the station, and I was the first on on board!

This past few weeks, and more specifically this last week, have been so busy. No time, no time. And right now....well, still not much time. But I am hoping that after today I will be able to sit down and do some good, honest writing. I miss it, and miss reading the blogs I bear with me. and after today, maybe I'll have the goods!

Monday, April 20, 2009

shout out!

To my brother and sis in law and their newest little addition, baby J!!! I cannot wait to go snuggle and love on this little guy!

As is the norm for my flair for the dramatic family, this guy chose to make his entrance into the world during some nasty flooding in the area!

even so...he is here and doing wonderfully, as is mommy.

This makes me miss this stage with my babies....i love, love, love snuggling with a newborn baby....the way they just snuggle right up to you and you can cradle them and they are so peaceful! ahhhh......i miss those days.

Well, in any case....i will get to snuggle this cutie pretty soon!!!!

It is wonderful to see the miracle of life after the tragedy of gives hope and joy and sometimes a little peace.

Happy 2nd day of life J!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

no catchy title...just a post

I wanted to post just a bit....yesterday, a very dear friend of the family passed away. I dont even really know what to write, but I feel compelled to because this is my outlet....this is where I throw things out there that are going on in my life. it is.
Death is inevitable. It will happen to why does it seem so unfair? My heart aches for our friends, because it was their father who went to be with our Lord. He was one year older than my own dad....and I cannot even fathom life without my daddy here. My husband loved this man as his own father....loves this man's children as his own sweet hubby has been best friends this man's sons for 17 or so heart is breaking....
It seems so unfair that i am sitting here at work and they are having to deal with the loss of their seems so unfair that we were all visiting with family and celebrating Easter, and his life was slipping away. Except difficult as it is for those here who love him....I know that he is now whole and celebrating with Christ. Not suffering anymore. So....I grieve for my dear friends, and their lovely mother because they cannot spend more earthly time with their father/husband. My heart breaks for them because of their pain. Yet....know that life here must go on, and all we can do is love on them and be there for them. Right now things just feel unfair.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today is my FRIDAY! yeah, baby! {spoken as austin powers} I am so glad too!!! I am so ready to be done with work!!! on my 3 week countdown....unless i give in and work and extra week...then, well, I guess I just start my 3 week countdown over again:( OH well...just another week of pay to stash away.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today for some reason. Missing when my babies looked like this. I miss having a baby. I dont really want another one...just miss mine being this little. I miss little feet and tiny hands. I miss rocking a sleeping baby. AH! There is nothing more peaceful than that!
I also miss this stage! This was one of the best snow days ever! My kids had so much fun, and this is one of my favorite shots of MK. She had to come in soon after this pic because she started turning blue from the cold! But, while it lasted....she had a blast!

Do you notice the live baby in the stroller here??? A and MR were pushing strollers around the house...only, A had a live baby in her stroller. This was her favorite thing to do with every single one of her sisters. Push them around in a toy stroller. For some reason, she got the biggest kick out of the fact that they fit like a baby doll. But, hey....I ain't complainin! Free babysitter? Heck yeah!
Well, I am off to enjoy my weekend full of coloring easter eggs, egg hunts, cleaning, and cooking! We are spending easter with my in-laws and wonderful bro and sis in law and my crazy, wonderful nephews! God Bless you!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

**update to the update**

well seems as though we cannot make up our minds! Remember all the rambling I did about moving??? Scratch that. We aren't. Moving, that is. {and here is where i do cartwheels and shake my pom poms}

No...I guess I shouldnt say that. While I AM glad we are staying...there are a few reasons why I am the slightest bit sad about not moving. The short list is this:

1. I was looking forward to being closer to my brother and my aunt and uncle.

2. I was looking forward to being 2 hours away from mil/fil and R&J instead of the now 5 hours.

3. I was sort of looking forward to homeschooling my oldest daughter, but am relieved that I dont have to....she is already smarter than me, and that would just confirm it!

4. uh....thats about it.

I told you....short list. I will say this, though. Everything I said before today is true. I agonized about alot of things, and I would have been happy moving. Its just that I'm happier not. The good thing about it is....I am still quitting my job. I get to go back to staying with my kiddos, which, I am extremely glad about considering summer is comming and I am looking forward to spending lots and lots of time in the pool, and lazy days reading in the shade! Mostly, I am looking forward to spending those days with my sil! We plan to go to the library...grab up lots of good books....put on our swimsuits, throw the kids in the pool and enjoy this summer like no other!!!

I have less than a month left here at work, and am spending my time prepping stuff for my replacement. so...I guess I better go finish that. The faster I get him trained, the faster my last day approaches!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

home alone....

I am home alone. Completely alone. For a week! Its good...and bad. Its crazy how much I miss talking! lol...I know. silly. But true. And crazy how much I miss hearing my girls talking. The hubby is working all week in that other state. My kiddos are all at my mom and dad's for spring break. And I am here. Alone.

I am sort of enjoying the quiet. I have been doing alot of reading when I should be doing alot of packing! But I hate packing so early! I inevitably will pack something that I will end up needing before we actually move. I hate that. But, it is sooooo quiet that I cant sleep! I have been letting the dog in at night to roam about the house. That helps a little...but I have a hard time sleeping when the house is completely empty! I know...there is something wrong with me.

My mom on the other hand....she will probably sleep for a week when the kids leave! It is not just mine that are there! It went down like this....Friday my bro and sil brought their daughter to me (from kansas) She wanted to go spend spring break with granny and papa too! So, after work on friday, I loaded up my five kids plus luggage, plus niece and started out... Oh Wait! we have to stop on the way out and meet A's bff and mom because bff is going with us too! So, here I am....alone, after a long day of work, traveling by myself with SEVEN girls!!!! I know...I'm crazy. But, actually it wasnt bad. We left out, and we did not have to stop once! That, people, is a miracle! If you dont believe in God, well....I'd rethink that position if I were you. 8 females in a car driving 300+ miles and not ONE bathroom break??? And the two older girls kept me quite entertained! I love chatting with my almost 13 year old....she is witty and funny, and her and bff are total they have alot of differences of opinion that is quite amusing to listen to., we get there and the next day my other neice and my nephew come over to my parents...and of course they are going to spend the night! We cannot expect them to want to go home with the cousins here!!! I am telling you parents are saints!

So....that eve...I take my oldest and bff to her dad's house where they will be spending the rest of their week. So, that leaves my mom and dad with seven kids at the house....but wait! There is more! My grandparents are on vacation, so...yesterday, they drove down....i dont know how long they are staying, but my parents have a housefull to say the least!

Saints, I tell you. is wednesday. I only have 3 more nights of this quiet, so I am going to try to enjoy it, and try to get some work done at the house.....can you imagine if I wasted all this alone time on RELAXING??????????

Thursday, March 5, 2009

its a new day, its a new dawn...and I'm feelin fine

Yep...I am starting to get excited about the move. Maybe its because somewhere in my heart, I have been preparing myself for this for a while now, and now that we have actually made a decision, I kindof have that weight off my shoulders. Also, we have begun to tell people here, and that too, is a relief. I put in notice at my job...and a dang good one too! I gave them more than a hope is that they will have someone here to replace me by april 1, and i can train them and be done. But in any case, come mid April...I am a stay at home mom again. And, I cant wait. I will have half of april and all of may to finish up my packing and be able to spend some time with my sil before I go. I am excited about that.

We have already found a house, and I cant wait to see what I can do with it. It is a bit smaller than our house now, but it is very open and has so much potential! I am downsizing our "stuff" before we go, and am looking forward to the next chapter of our book.

As I said before, there are so many people that I am going to miss, but I am so excited that I get to go back to the buisness of being mom and wife! I am excited about spending the next year with my baby before she has to start kindergarten. I am excited about being home to plan dinner, and have it ready for the family. Shoot, I am just excited about the idea of cooking, period! I have not cooked much in the past 4 months! By the time I get off work, pick up the kids and we get home...I am exhausted, they are starving, and we end up either eating out, ordering pizza, or making sandwiches! I did cook a rather delicious meal the other day, but by the time I got home and got it cooked, we didnt eat until almost 8:00!! Unacceptable. I go...I have to finish up a few things here at work, then head home to.....well, u figure it out! taco its hot dogs! I have to pick up the house while they eat because I have small group tonight and will have the babysitting at my house....that means 12 kids at my house! whew! thank goodness I wont be there!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

the road less traveled

so, it has been nearly a month {ack!} since I have posted. I dont know if anyone really reads this, or really cares to...but, for me....i love to write it. It truly does help me sort out all of my feelings and lets me amuse myself by telling funny stories, and I would surely forget if I did not write them down somewhere!

A few months ago I wrote this post about the possiblity of moving....and alas, it shall come to pass. We will be packing up our home of the last five years, the only home that 3 of my kids every remember, and we will once again, head north. At least it is only a little north. I know we arent moving across country or anything, but I did not expect it to be quite this hard. I have told my sweet hubby that this is the one place that I will be truly sad to leave. Not that I am not a little excited about the move. I cant wait for us to all be together as a family again. And, I am excited about moving into an old beautiful, charming house. I am excited about country living and a slower pace. Not having to work full time (the biggest yay for me!) Taking the summer off and spending it with my kids. I am excited about all these things, but I will say this. You just cannot do better than the people you meet in Texas. {with a few exceptions :) } My family has met so many wonderful, loving, giving, forgiving, geniune people here, that I already know that as I pull away from this state, my heart will hurt.

Telling my sis in law was the worst. I knew she would be so sad, as am I. We have developed a true, deep and loving relationship over the past four years that she has lived here, and I can honestly say that, I would move to any state a hundred times over if that is what it took for us to be where we are today. I love her dearly and I will miss her greatly. {the good thing is, I am moving 12 miles from her parents, so she will be coming to visit alot!}

Our church family is the other hard part. I have never been so wrapped up in the people that I worship with as I am here. I am going to miss every part of it. The people are amazing at our church and since the first time hubby and I walked thru the doors, each with a baby carrier, trying to find a space in the back so we would not disturb anyone with our 5 month old twins, we knew we had friends for life! It was amazing the connection we felt with the people there. They had a sincerity about them that was almost palpable. Several people from the platform made their way straight back to us as soon as service was over, in a rush to introduce themselves and make us feel welcome. I will never forget that. ~sigh~ I could continue to remeniss all day long, but I fear it will just make me sad. It will have to suffice for me to say that, its a good thing my sis and brother in law still live here, or some people I know would be getting phone calls of warning that they are about to be invaded by a crazy family of seven....whats for dinner?!?

My oldest girl, A, is having a bit of a struggle. I am not suprised. I remember moving when I was her age. I was angry, hurt, scared. But, I got through it, and she is such a well adjusted girl, I know she will too. It will take some time, I am sure, but, I am also absolutely certain, she will flourish.

Well, not to cut this off too short, but I am trying to keep it from being to long! I must run for now. Posts might be few for the next few months. We wont move until school is out, so at least I have plenty of time to pack, but I also know that summer will be here before I know it.

I will try to keep everyone in the loop, and in a few months, maybe pics of a new house! Pray for us....we will surely need it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

why do alot of my posts have puke in the title?

oh yeah...its because i deal with alot of vomiting small people. And a man for that matter. It is odd for me sometimes, because, I can count the amount of times i have puked in the past 20 years on one hand. I just dont do it. But my family....well that is another matter.

So, today is the twins' birthday. They are six, which blows my mind! I just cant believe they are that old!! MR, started getting sick on fact, i stayed home with her while my sweet hubby took the other girls to the brother and sister in laws house for the super bowl. She stayed home from school monday with a fever that was easily controlled with motrin, but felt bad most of the day. When i got home from work, hubby and i left the girls home and went shopping for birthday gifts. As i was leaving the store, the babysitter called and said MR was running a fever of 104!! Oh boy. So...rushed home...blah, blah, get the drift. She stayed home again today....still sick, which, sucks because its her birthday!!! Argh.

Also today was J's 2nd grade musical play at the school. So...after work, I rushed home, baked cakes and cupcakes, got J the way, cutest ladybug ever!!! and, with promises of cake and presents as soon as we returned, I rushed out the door with J and MK to the performance. Of course, the school tricks me into attending PTA meetings by making sure they do the meeting before the kids perform...another argh....and the lady at the microphone suddenly says, "Is J's mom here??" Uh, oh. What happened?? I stand up and follow another lady out the door. J is throwing up in the bathroom. Is it nerves or is she sick? Well, J is not about to miss this performance that she has a speaking part in and has been waiting to do for months, so she says...
"i'm ok mom...I'm pretty sure its just my nerves. I can do this" So, they placed her at the end of the stage so that if she needed to, she could leave and run to the bathroom. And boy was she a trooper. She made it almost all the way thru the performance. Almost. She shot off the stage, and I had to jump up out of my seat and follow her. Poor baby was sitting on the steps right outside the door all hunched over with a bad tummy ache. So, we sat outside until she felt like she could make it home. And she almost did. Almost. Just as we were about to turn onto our street she yelled out, "stop the car now!!!" And just as I stopped the car she flung the door open and poor thing wretched horribly, and to my great pleasure....not a drop on the car! She is good. She is so funny....while she is puking, she is trying to apologize and tell me that she didnt think it would be a very good idea for her to go to school tomorrow. silly.

The other news i got at the school was that half the kids in the school are out with the flu. yippee. which means to me...the fun is just beginning. yay me.

Onto the rest of the evening...which, was pretty much uneventful after all this. We did presents and cake and sang happy birthday. The twins were very, very happy with their gifts, which were a dora doll that sits on a walking horse that has wings, purses stuffed with lots of girlie stuff, and cute little things for them to color. They were happy, and so one else has puked. I'm not gonna hold my breath for that to be the last of it. Usually with my kids, the next one waits until the other is well before getting sick....i havent figured out yet if that is a good thing or not. I guess that remains to be seen.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what i should be doing.....

taking off my work clothes and putting on a pair of soft, comfy pjs
grabbing a good book and a blanket and snuggling up to the fire
watching my kids play rock bank...or playing rockband with my kids
putting everyone down for a nap and watching a movie snuggled up to my hubby...again, by the fire
cooking baked potato soup
baking cookies
napping in my warm cozy bed
playing board games with my family
popping corn and making hot chocolate

all these things sound about a billion times better than what i am doing and what is in store for me later. Currently, the temp is 32 outside and dropping. currently it is drizziling rain, that, within the next 2 hours will turn into freezing rain, then ice. currently, i am sitting at work. what is in store for me is.....taking a very long, cold walk to my car. Driving thru the miserable cold, wet, icy dallas traffic....all the way home. Last time it snowed here, it took me two and a half hours to get home from work. This time, I am leaving early, because this time, it is not snow, but ice i will have to deal with....oh yeah, and texas ppl cant drive in ice. I know because i've lived in other places where you must learn to...and texas ppl...well, they dont really have to learn to, because it doesnt happen that often here, so....i am leaving early enough to give myself plenty of time. And something from the above list better be happening when i get home since (as i stomp my foot) it isnt fair that the kids had no school today, but i had to come to work!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, i will begin today's post by the retelling of our romantic double date with my brother and his wife.

It all started on a wait...frigid Friday night. We loaded up into the car and headed to Tulsa for an all you can eat seafood dinner at one of the casinos ( i know...not so romantic, but very good) Anyway, we had a good time, laughing and talking on the way, and standing in line at the restraunt. We took our time eating and laughing and generally just enjoying each others company, and it was a lovely evening. We moved on, back into the car and were just pulling out of the parking lot when it happened.

My brother popped. as in flatulated. passed gas. Only, it wasnt normal gas. It was way too much seafood gas, and well, apparently it was pretty bad, because, as he laughed and proclaimed how awful it was, he puked. Right into his hand. So, as we rounded the corner, he opened his door and flung the offending vomit off his hand and pulled into the parking lot of a fast food restraunt, hoping to clean up his face....which, was awful. He has a little peach fuzz on his chin and well, i will let you use your imagination on what his face looked like.

So, my hubby hops out of the car...for air, to laugh, to catch his breath. My brother then decides it is funny to kind of chase the hubby around a little, trying to get him to go in and get napkins, and then, it happened. hubby couldnt take it anymore. between the uncontrollable laughter and the vomit chin, he puked. Right between two cars as he is running away. puking and running...always a good combo. So, he ran into the place, grabbed napkins and tossed them on top of the newspaper stand and ran.

I know i am in my 30's. So is the hubby. actually, so is my brother. But, that was one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life.

The rest of our weekend was great. We visited friends and family, and got to spend the weekend with the daddy/hubby, and have hope for a job here in dallas, so all is looking good! keeping the faith and chin up!

Now, after that story, here are a few pics of my darling baby girl to enjoy!

a few photos of p's photoshoot while spending the week with her aunt T! Aunt T loves to take pics. I love to have the pics. works out all the way around!
this girl is a ham! cant you tell???

One of my favs! this is her true self!

yet, so is this. such a sweet girl. goodness i love her!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i am....

a child of the 80's. are you? if you remember the 80's? When I think of music from the 80's, i think of peter cetera....theme song from karate kid (2 i think)....and chicago...reo speedwagon, journey, favorite bands when I was that age....and lately, the song that replays over and over in my head......a little crazy diddy......I WANNA ROCK!

YES....over and over and over. And do you know why? because I cannot stop rocking out on RockBand!!!! Good grief! I am a 35 year old woman for heaven's sake!

Earlier, i told you how we gave the girls their big gift (rockband) early so they would have a chance to play it before all the company came and took over....well, i was correct. We all played! ALOT. the kids, the adults, the adults......the adults! everyone played. grandma, grandpa....everyone. And.I.cant.stop. I love it. I love getting better and better at it...and well, i love going on tour!!! My bil and sil come over and we put the kids to bed and jam!

And, now.....the bil and sil just gave their boys Guitar Hero World Tour for their birthday! Now, we are really in trouble. I mean, I am serious people. If we get together we can play that thing for four hours straight! It is a sickness.

I read a blog earlier today where another woman was also having this problem. And to the woman out their who was bold enough to stand up and admit her addiction...I am here with you.

Hello. My name is Kim, and I am addicted to Rock Band.