Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, i will begin today's post by the retelling of our romantic double date with my brother and his wife.

It all started on a wait...frigid Friday night. We loaded up into the car and headed to Tulsa for an all you can eat seafood dinner at one of the casinos ( i know...not so romantic, but very good) Anyway, we had a good time, laughing and talking on the way, and standing in line at the restraunt. We took our time eating and laughing and generally just enjoying each others company, and it was a lovely evening. We moved on, back into the car and were just pulling out of the parking lot when it happened.

My brother popped. as in flatulated. passed gas. Only, it wasnt normal gas. It was way too much seafood gas, and well, apparently it was pretty bad, because, as he laughed and proclaimed how awful it was, he puked. Right into his hand. So, as we rounded the corner, he opened his door and flung the offending vomit off his hand and pulled into the parking lot of a fast food restraunt, hoping to clean up his face....which, was awful. He has a little peach fuzz on his chin and well, i will let you use your imagination on what his face looked like.

So, my hubby hops out of the car...for air, to laugh, to catch his breath. My brother then decides it is funny to kind of chase the hubby around a little, trying to get him to go in and get napkins, and then, it happened. hubby couldnt take it anymore. between the uncontrollable laughter and the vomit chin, he puked. Right between two cars as he is running away. puking and running...always a good combo. So, he ran into the place, grabbed napkins and tossed them on top of the newspaper stand and ran.

I know i am in my 30's. So is the hubby. actually, so is my brother. But, that was one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life.

The rest of our weekend was great. We visited friends and family, and got to spend the weekend with the daddy/hubby, and have hope for a job here in dallas, so all is looking good! keeping the faith and chin up!

Now, after that story, here are a few pics of my darling baby girl to enjoy!

a few photos of p's photoshoot while spending the week with her aunt T! Aunt T loves to take pics. I love to have the pics. works out all the way around!
this girl is a ham! cant you tell???

One of my favs! this is her true self!

yet, so is this. such a sweet girl. goodness i love her!


Corrie said...

So, at the beginning of the story I was trying to remember this happening, as though it were your other brother and I were there too. Every detail would totally fit your other brother too! Except I would have such a funny disgusting memory permanently burned in my brain. Very funny. Miss you!

PamperingBeki said...

What a doll!