Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what i should be doing.....

taking off my work clothes and putting on a pair of soft, comfy pjs
grabbing a good book and a blanket and snuggling up to the fire
watching my kids play rock bank...or playing rockband with my kids
putting everyone down for a nap and watching a movie snuggled up to my hubby...again, by the fire
cooking baked potato soup
baking cookies
napping in my warm cozy bed
playing board games with my family
popping corn and making hot chocolate

all these things sound about a billion times better than what i am doing and what is in store for me later. Currently, the temp is 32 outside and dropping. currently it is drizziling rain, that, within the next 2 hours will turn into freezing rain, then ice. currently, i am sitting at work. what is in store for me is.....taking a very long, cold walk to my car. Driving thru the miserable cold, wet, icy dallas traffic....all the way home. Last time it snowed here, it took me two and a half hours to get home from work. This time, I am leaving early, because this time, it is not snow, but ice i will have to deal with....oh yeah, and texas ppl cant drive in ice. I know because i've lived in other places where you must learn to...and texas ppl...well, they dont really have to learn to, because it doesnt happen that often here, so....i am leaving early enough to give myself plenty of time. And something from the above list better be happening when i get home since (as i stomp my foot) it isnt fair that the kids had no school today, but i had to come to work!!!!

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