Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i was wondering....

i have read lots and lots of blogs of moms who have twins. And I am curious. Do all of you have incredible poop stories about your twins??? I know it is not just mil has some (she has twins too), and I am curious. Is it a twin thing? My other kids did not play in their poo.....but my twins? well, thats a story for another time!
{of course the poop stuff happened well before this pic....}
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

if i were a violent woman

I would be smashing faces right about now. If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that we had some minor (make that extreme) water damage to our home due to a broken toilet. Let me just say, if you work for an insurance company, I'm sure you are a lovely person, but I might HATE YOU RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!!

I am struggling to keep my sanity and my faith. I believe that God can handle any situation. I know it. And right now, in writing, I am putting this all at His feet. Because, honestly, I cant deal with it anymore. I am tired of getting the run around. Tired of being bitchy to people I can only hear on the other end of my phone because I am getting the run around. Tired of shelling out money I dont have because I am getting the run around. See a pattern here? What I am discovering here lately is that....if you dont question people* they are gonna try to.....yes, you guessed it....GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND!!!! I keep saying that, because what I really want to say is that they (screw you) but I am trying to be nice. Anyway....dealing with 1. Insurance companys, 2. attorneys , 3. cell phone companies, 4. everyone else that i have to pay money to in return for a service, is driving me to want to take hubby and children and live in the mountains where we dont need money. I will make candles from beeswax, send my hubby to hunt for dinner and pee in the river! I am that close to not caring anymore.

Oh me. I am generally a pleasent, optomisic person. Today, I am not pleasant, pessimistic, and pissed off. Tomorow, I will be better. Until I have to start calling the insurance company again.

* by people, I mean, customer service reps, sales, and all those types of people who get paid to try to frustrate you just enough for you to give up and just let them get away with giving you the shaft! Well, much to their chagrin....did i spell that right? hubby used to work at a job where HE got paid to do that, and he does it right back! They dont really like that. I dont really like them. guess we're even.

Monday, July 28, 2008


when A was 2 and had a fever, I overheard this conversation between her and my dad:

papa: Do you feel bad?

A: I habe a feber. I sick.

papa: well, do you want some gatoraide? It will make you feel better.

A: Eeew! I dont like gator eggs! I like scrambled eggs!!

ah....the innocence.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


so, the "switch" was a success! I wasnt sure it would happen. You know how sometimes you feel like something just wasnt meant to be? well, i wasnt sure that this trip was meant to be. It seems like for the past week, things kept happening to keep me from going...however, it all worked out in the end, except that for reasons beyond our control, hubby ended up having to stay home and me and babysitter/friend/unofficial oldest daughter went with the three kiddos.

It was fun too. We made it to the beach (photos to come later!) and wow, did the girls LOVE it!!! The water was a little rough because of the hurricane that hit the lower region of TX earlier this it made for lots of waves, which, ended up being kind of perfect! The girls had such a great time jumping the waves and spashing around in the water. Their Aunt made them into mermaids with the sand, and they made a big sandcastle. We rode the ferry (their first time doing that also) and got to stand at the very front of the boat and watch all the fish in the water, and drove down the seawall because T had never been to Galveston before. I got to drive around and show her all my old stomping grounds (i'm pretty sure I bored her to death;p)

After a very stressful week, it was kind of great to just relax with my girls and enjoy them instead of running around with a big agenda and lots of things to cross off the never ending lists!!!

We ended the weekend by going to my brother's church, where he just became the worship leader AND the youth pastor....added to his full time job and being a dad/hubby....busy guy, but i think he kind of likes it that way! Anyway, it was a great service and we topped it all off with a trip to casa ole' where we specifically went because they have GREEN SAUCE!!!! I have not had it in years, and it is my favorite!!!

So.....all in was a great trip and the girls are tucked safely into the care of granny and papa (except for J, who I brought home) She will most definately be spoiled by the time the girls come home, after spending two weeks all by herself with granny and papa, and now being home for two weeks by herself with mommy and daddy!!! She is already headed down that road a bit....;-p

Happy sunday! back to work tomorow....ugh. Lets not think about it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

the switch

It will occur this weekend. Two of my girlies are away right now...the oldest, with her dad, which, this summer is so hard because her 6 week visit normally is broken up into two 3 week visits with a stint at home in between....however, because she had surgery on her wrist the week school let out, and she was several weeks delayed going to her dad's, she is there for a full six weeks. Whew! talk about rambling on! Anyway...i cannot go six weeks without seeing her beautiful, i am traveling this weekend to visit her....and to pick up J who is in the next town over from A, staying with my parents "by myself because I'm almost 7!" So....tomorow I am headed out with the three youngest plus one to....visit my brother and his family and see their new house.....visit my parents and see THEIR new house....visit A for the weekend.....take my kids to the beach (never promise ANYTHING to children...they NEVER forget!!!)....and finally, pull a switch on my mommy!!! I am leaving the three youngest there and bringing home J!!! Is the joke on her????

Dont get me wrong....I LOVE my babies, and I will miss them terribly...but, if they dont get to stay with granny like J did....there will be a price to pay, and I promise you....I will be the one paying it!! Some people dont understand how I can allow these visits...(i forgot to mention they will be 5 hours away), but as a kid, I remember how awesome it was when I got to go stay a week in the summer with my aunt and uncle, and how fun it was when my cousins got to stay with us for a week...oh! and the BEST was when my brothers went to stay for a week with my aunt and uncle and I got to be home with mom and dad ALL BY MYSELF!!! woo hooo!!!! Well, that will be J's experience for the first time ever. A is with her dad....M, M, and P will be with granny and papa, and J will be home with us. Probably gonna be bored, but I am sure we will have lots of fun!!! I'm excited!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

summer fun.....

and I'm missing it. I miss being at home with my kids. I am trying to be grateful for a great job that is super flexible....but I miss my kids. I miss being lazy with them...taking them to the movies (in the afternoon when its cheap), playing in the sprinkler, and well, just being with them. I am trying. But failing horribly. I am not grateful for this job. I am trapped by it. I am desperately wishing I didnt have it. I am thinking of every way possible not to have it. Its not the job itself, you understand? THE job is great. Its having to have it that sucks. I am praying for two things. To be grateful for it again, as I was at one time....and to be able to quit it. ha! is that a bit ironic? argh....i dont know. I just know I want to be at home with my babies..........

Friday, July 18, 2008

i stand corrected....

My bff has informed me that she is from the sunflower state, not the wheat state....I say, whats the difference, because, yes girl. They both make you sound like a farmer. Farmer brown (or green) ;-p You know I love you!

Now git our thar and pick us some fresh veggies outta that garden of yers giiirl!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

good friends, great times

You know you have a good friend when:

You burp your loudest, grossest burp and they laugh, acknowedge the grossness, and say "good one!"

Boat nights with L-my sis in law are awesome! We can just let loose out on the water and just be! Be whatever we want to be! Be crazy, be loud, be obnoxious, be rude, be crude, be completely not girly.....I love those times!

Hanging with J-my bff from the big wheat state....well, we just make snotty comments to each other all the time, and have a great time with it. Hey...its funny to us, and most other people would look at us and go, "whats so funny? did i miss something?" But, we know!!! ;-p

Movie nights with M or L! I love the dollar movie!!! And the whole chili's/movie combo with either one of those girls is a mom's night out heaven! A chance to go with a friend, have some great convo at chili's then off to the movies to dissapear into someone else's life for 2 hours! I would not trade it.

And J...if you are reading time we get together, we are renting that movie and watching with our hubbys for a completely different experience with that movie...our guts will be hurting for a week from laughing so hard!

All this to say....I am so blessed to have the friends I do. They are all giving, loving, and completely accepting. And to you three girls mentioned above...I LOVE YOU!!!!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

and more panties.....

About a year ago, I posted a blog on myspace about panties. You might find that odd, but, any mother of even one daughter knows that, that one word alone elicits several emotions at the same time…a few being, exhaustion, laughter, annoyance, and then finally the words just come out…."fine! just wear your panties then! I'm too tired to argue anymore!" I have five daughters, and so still to this day….panties still rule the house!

A year ago, I thought that phase would pass, however, that is not the case. Still….all but my oldest would rather run around in their panties than anything else! Play in the sprinkler? Who needs a bathing suit!? We've got panties! Bedtime? No need for expensive pj's! We've got panties! Church??? No, wait! That is where I draw the line! You MUST put clothing over the panties!!! And at that…more than once, I've seen a child of mine with her dress gathered up in her hands so everyone could see her…..yep, you guessed it! PANTIES!

Right now, I am working a full time job, and for the past 2 months, I have consistently come home to 4 of my 5 daughters running around in their panties, and only their panties! The other night, after baths, they all came to me, running around wet and naked yelling at me that, "we don't have any clean panties!!!" Well, ITS NO WONDER!!! Even though we (seriously) have at least 100 pair of panties in this house, there are never enough clean because they are wearing them like they are the hottest outfit on the runway!!! So, once again, I am thinking that eventually this phase will pass. And, I am gonna hold onto that, since it is unbearable to me to think about my girls at the age of 16 running around in their panties. I will definitely have to put my foot down on that one!

Monday, July 7, 2008

birthday song

from my father in law this morning on my way to work:

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday my daughter in law, mother of my first grandchild, and sucker who married my son
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

One of the sweetest songs anyone has ever sung to me!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

manic tuesday

I dont know if my life will ever slow down! If its not one thing, its a trip to the ER! I swear! Between working full time, trying to do some stuff on the side to make money, peeling my kids off my leg when i get home so i can try to get some of our stuff put back the way it is supposed to be while we STILL have no money from the insurance company to buy new furniture, cleaning out the storage, I mean KITCHEN, trying to finish painting the twins room and finish staining our bathroom so we can put the toilet back and get back to having two toilets for seven people instead of one, keeping the new floors vaccumed and swept and pretty, keeping the laundry done so we arent wearing dirty clothes, feeding the leeches, er, children who are still glued to my leg, trying to keep my hubby from feeling like i hate him because i am so busy that i hardly have time for a five minute conversation much less anything "else", ......ok. I'll stop right there, because I am sure you are getting the idea. Last night, instead of being able to complete a project I obligated myself to, I had to take one of my girls to the ER!!! So not her fault. And so, dont be thinking I'm upset with her....I took her to the dr yesterday because on top of the 500gazilllion things I've got going on, she has not been able to sleep lately because of a tummy issue that has kept her, who else has not been able to sleep lately???, I took her to the dr...who sent me to the er to make sure she did not have appendicitis. (she did not, praise God) and he did give her a rx to help her nausea so she could sleep (which she did last night...also, praise God) Hopefully, I will be able to get a few things done the rest of this week so that I can enjoy a few days off next week with my kiddos. I feel like I have been shoving them off to the side so much lately trying to get our house put back together....but, having to look at my house like it is, is almost too much for me. It has been 2 months and 1 day since the "flood" and I am about to my wits end....I want my house back, my kids back, my hubby back....i want ME back. I miss my "stay at home mom" days. have I whined enough for you today??? Sorry, but just feeling a little overwhelmed the last few days. I am tired, but I want soooo badly to get everything done! ~sigh~ maybe I just need a nap...........

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

do you really wanna know???? big campout was a big bust! And just so you know....not because I didnt intend on those girls having fun! I worked my butt off getting everything ready to go...and I was ON TIME!!!! For those of you who know that I am a bit time challenged, you know that was a big deal, especially considering all I had to do on Friday. The way things ended up going....hubby took daughter to her friend's house, I left work in time to go to the groc store....hubby got ice chest cleaned out and tent out of garage....I packed and loaded the truck with supplies, groceries, my stuff, my kid's stuff, and all the girls stuff....we headed out, and all was great! Until......

we got to the camp site. I am gonna be nice and just say that the same girls who begged me all year to take them camping....hate camping. Minus 1 girl. who never complained. and she was the only one.

Lets just say that they dont like bugs, and they dont like being hot. And by midnight....I had had enough. We packed everything up and drove back to my house and they slept all over my living room. Which, in the end...was fine with me, because I slept in my own bed. But, I dont mind sleeping in the tent. I think its fun. I didnt even mind the is camping for goodness sake!

So....we're just gonna leave it at will be a long while before I take a group of girls camping again. This experience is gonna stay with me for a while!