Thursday, July 17, 2008

good friends, great times

You know you have a good friend when:

You burp your loudest, grossest burp and they laugh, acknowedge the grossness, and say "good one!"

Boat nights with L-my sis in law are awesome! We can just let loose out on the water and just be! Be whatever we want to be! Be crazy, be loud, be obnoxious, be rude, be crude, be completely not girly.....I love those times!

Hanging with J-my bff from the big wheat state....well, we just make snotty comments to each other all the time, and have a great time with it. Hey...its funny to us, and most other people would look at us and go, "whats so funny? did i miss something?" But, we know!!! ;-p

Movie nights with M or L! I love the dollar movie!!! And the whole chili's/movie combo with either one of those girls is a mom's night out heaven! A chance to go with a friend, have some great convo at chili's then off to the movies to dissapear into someone else's life for 2 hours! I would not trade it.

And J...if you are reading time we get together, we are renting that movie and watching with our hubbys for a completely different experience with that movie...our guts will be hurting for a week from laughing so hard!

All this to say....I am so blessed to have the friends I do. They are all giving, loving, and completely accepting. And to you three girls mentioned above...I LOVE YOU!!!!!


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Haley said...

We definitely need to watch that movie with the boys! By the way I'm from the sunflower state not the wheat state! Either way it sound like I'm a farmer!
Bff's 4ever!