Friday, July 25, 2008

the switch

It will occur this weekend. Two of my girlies are away right now...the oldest, with her dad, which, this summer is so hard because her 6 week visit normally is broken up into two 3 week visits with a stint at home in between....however, because she had surgery on her wrist the week school let out, and she was several weeks delayed going to her dad's, she is there for a full six weeks. Whew! talk about rambling on! Anyway...i cannot go six weeks without seeing her beautiful, i am traveling this weekend to visit her....and to pick up J who is in the next town over from A, staying with my parents "by myself because I'm almost 7!" So....tomorow I am headed out with the three youngest plus one to....visit my brother and his family and see their new house.....visit my parents and see THEIR new house....visit A for the weekend.....take my kids to the beach (never promise ANYTHING to children...they NEVER forget!!!)....and finally, pull a switch on my mommy!!! I am leaving the three youngest there and bringing home J!!! Is the joke on her????

Dont get me wrong....I LOVE my babies, and I will miss them terribly...but, if they dont get to stay with granny like J did....there will be a price to pay, and I promise you....I will be the one paying it!! Some people dont understand how I can allow these visits...(i forgot to mention they will be 5 hours away), but as a kid, I remember how awesome it was when I got to go stay a week in the summer with my aunt and uncle, and how fun it was when my cousins got to stay with us for a week...oh! and the BEST was when my brothers went to stay for a week with my aunt and uncle and I got to be home with mom and dad ALL BY MYSELF!!! woo hooo!!!! Well, that will be J's experience for the first time ever. A is with her dad....M, M, and P will be with granny and papa, and J will be home with us. Probably gonna be bored, but I am sure we will have lots of fun!!! I'm excited!

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