Tuesday, July 1, 2008

do you really wanna know???? big campout was a big bust! And just so you know....not because I didnt intend on those girls having fun! I worked my butt off getting everything ready to go...and I was ON TIME!!!! For those of you who know that I am a bit time challenged, you know that was a big deal, especially considering all I had to do on Friday. The way things ended up going....hubby took daughter to her friend's house, I left work in time to go to the groc store....hubby got ice chest cleaned out and tent out of garage....I packed and loaded the truck with supplies, groceries, my stuff, my kid's stuff, and all the girls stuff....we headed out, and all was great! Until......

we got to the camp site. I am gonna be nice and just say that the same girls who begged me all year to take them camping....hate camping. Minus 1 girl. who never complained. and she was the only one.

Lets just say that they dont like bugs, and they dont like being hot. And by midnight....I had had enough. We packed everything up and drove back to my house and they slept all over my living room. Which, in the end...was fine with me, because I slept in my own bed. But, I dont mind sleeping in the tent. I think its fun. I didnt even mind the is camping for goodness sake!

So....we're just gonna leave it at will be a long while before I take a group of girls camping again. This experience is gonna stay with me for a while!

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