Sunday, July 27, 2008


so, the "switch" was a success! I wasnt sure it would happen. You know how sometimes you feel like something just wasnt meant to be? well, i wasnt sure that this trip was meant to be. It seems like for the past week, things kept happening to keep me from going...however, it all worked out in the end, except that for reasons beyond our control, hubby ended up having to stay home and me and babysitter/friend/unofficial oldest daughter went with the three kiddos.

It was fun too. We made it to the beach (photos to come later!) and wow, did the girls LOVE it!!! The water was a little rough because of the hurricane that hit the lower region of TX earlier this it made for lots of waves, which, ended up being kind of perfect! The girls had such a great time jumping the waves and spashing around in the water. Their Aunt made them into mermaids with the sand, and they made a big sandcastle. We rode the ferry (their first time doing that also) and got to stand at the very front of the boat and watch all the fish in the water, and drove down the seawall because T had never been to Galveston before. I got to drive around and show her all my old stomping grounds (i'm pretty sure I bored her to death;p)

After a very stressful week, it was kind of great to just relax with my girls and enjoy them instead of running around with a big agenda and lots of things to cross off the never ending lists!!!

We ended the weekend by going to my brother's church, where he just became the worship leader AND the youth pastor....added to his full time job and being a dad/hubby....busy guy, but i think he kind of likes it that way! Anyway, it was a great service and we topped it all off with a trip to casa ole' where we specifically went because they have GREEN SAUCE!!!! I have not had it in years, and it is my favorite!!!

So.....all in was a great trip and the girls are tucked safely into the care of granny and papa (except for J, who I brought home) She will most definately be spoiled by the time the girls come home, after spending two weeks all by herself with granny and papa, and now being home for two weeks by herself with mommy and daddy!!! She is already headed down that road a bit....;-p

Happy sunday! back to work tomorow....ugh. Lets not think about it.


The SITS girlS said...

Welcome to the SITStahood!

Corrie said...

Ok. Ok. I'll get the pics of the beach to you. They are adorable!Just have to figure out the new camera...