Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i was wondering....

i have read lots and lots of blogs of moms who have twins. And I am curious. Do all of you have incredible poop stories about your twins??? I know it is not just mil has some (she has twins too), and I am curious. Is it a twin thing? My other kids did not play in their poo.....but my twins? well, thats a story for another time!
{of course the poop stuff happened well before this pic....}


Haley said...

If my memory serves me correctly its been more then the twins that have been interested in there poop. This one is going to have to be L's fault, if you marry someone fascinated with all things poop, your children might suffer with the same problem.

Love you and your poopy kids!

kimberly said...

point well taken....i shall remain quiet. Until i am mentally able to share that story again;-p