Tuesday, July 29, 2008

if i were a violent woman

I would be smashing faces right about now. If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that we had some minor (make that extreme) water damage to our home due to a broken toilet. Let me just say, if you work for an insurance company, I'm sure you are a lovely person, but I might HATE YOU RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!!

I am struggling to keep my sanity and my faith. I believe that God can handle any situation. I know it. And right now, in writing, I am putting this all at His feet. Because, honestly, I cant deal with it anymore. I am tired of getting the run around. Tired of being bitchy to people I can only hear on the other end of my phone because I am getting the run around. Tired of shelling out money I dont have because I am getting the run around. See a pattern here? What I am discovering here lately is that....if you dont question people* they are gonna try to.....yes, you guessed it....GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND!!!! I keep saying that, because what I really want to say is that they (screw you) but I am trying to be nice. Anyway....dealing with 1. Insurance companys, 2. attorneys , 3. cell phone companies, 4. everyone else that i have to pay money to in return for a service, is driving me to want to take hubby and children and live in the mountains where we dont need money. I will make candles from beeswax, send my hubby to hunt for dinner and pee in the river! I am that close to not caring anymore.

Oh me. I am generally a pleasent, optomisic person. Today, I am not pleasant, pessimistic, and pissed off. Tomorow, I will be better. Until I have to start calling the insurance company again.

* by people, I mean, customer service reps, sales, and all those types of people who get paid to try to frustrate you just enough for you to give up and just let them get away with giving you the shaft! Well, much to their chagrin....did i spell that right? hubby used to work at a job where HE got paid to do that, and he does it right back! They dont really like that. I dont really like them. guess we're even.

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