Friday, July 11, 2008

and more panties.....

About a year ago, I posted a blog on myspace about panties. You might find that odd, but, any mother of even one daughter knows that, that one word alone elicits several emotions at the same time…a few being, exhaustion, laughter, annoyance, and then finally the words just come out…."fine! just wear your panties then! I'm too tired to argue anymore!" I have five daughters, and so still to this day….panties still rule the house!

A year ago, I thought that phase would pass, however, that is not the case. Still….all but my oldest would rather run around in their panties than anything else! Play in the sprinkler? Who needs a bathing suit!? We've got panties! Bedtime? No need for expensive pj's! We've got panties! Church??? No, wait! That is where I draw the line! You MUST put clothing over the panties!!! And at that…more than once, I've seen a child of mine with her dress gathered up in her hands so everyone could see her…..yep, you guessed it! PANTIES!

Right now, I am working a full time job, and for the past 2 months, I have consistently come home to 4 of my 5 daughters running around in their panties, and only their panties! The other night, after baths, they all came to me, running around wet and naked yelling at me that, "we don't have any clean panties!!!" Well, ITS NO WONDER!!! Even though we (seriously) have at least 100 pair of panties in this house, there are never enough clean because they are wearing them like they are the hottest outfit on the runway!!! So, once again, I am thinking that eventually this phase will pass. And, I am gonna hold onto that, since it is unbearable to me to think about my girls at the age of 16 running around in their panties. I will definitely have to put my foot down on that one!

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