Wednesday, July 2, 2008

manic tuesday

I dont know if my life will ever slow down! If its not one thing, its a trip to the ER! I swear! Between working full time, trying to do some stuff on the side to make money, peeling my kids off my leg when i get home so i can try to get some of our stuff put back the way it is supposed to be while we STILL have no money from the insurance company to buy new furniture, cleaning out the storage, I mean KITCHEN, trying to finish painting the twins room and finish staining our bathroom so we can put the toilet back and get back to having two toilets for seven people instead of one, keeping the new floors vaccumed and swept and pretty, keeping the laundry done so we arent wearing dirty clothes, feeding the leeches, er, children who are still glued to my leg, trying to keep my hubby from feeling like i hate him because i am so busy that i hardly have time for a five minute conversation much less anything "else", ......ok. I'll stop right there, because I am sure you are getting the idea. Last night, instead of being able to complete a project I obligated myself to, I had to take one of my girls to the ER!!! So not her fault. And so, dont be thinking I'm upset with her....I took her to the dr yesterday because on top of the 500gazilllion things I've got going on, she has not been able to sleep lately because of a tummy issue that has kept her, who else has not been able to sleep lately???, I took her to the dr...who sent me to the er to make sure she did not have appendicitis. (she did not, praise God) and he did give her a rx to help her nausea so she could sleep (which she did last night...also, praise God) Hopefully, I will be able to get a few things done the rest of this week so that I can enjoy a few days off next week with my kiddos. I feel like I have been shoving them off to the side so much lately trying to get our house put back together....but, having to look at my house like it is, is almost too much for me. It has been 2 months and 1 day since the "flood" and I am about to my wits end....I want my house back, my kids back, my hubby back....i want ME back. I miss my "stay at home mom" days. have I whined enough for you today??? Sorry, but just feeling a little overwhelmed the last few days. I am tired, but I want soooo badly to get everything done! ~sigh~ maybe I just need a nap...........

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