Friday, June 27, 2008

big day

so this is what i've got going on today:
1. work (which at this point stinks because i have nothing to do here today, and lots to do at home!)

2. leave and rush to get myself and my four youngest kids packed for an overnight camping trip that happens to include 5 girls from my wed night church class.

3. get the tent, ice chest, wire hangars (for roasting yummy foods), charcoal, lighter get the point....ready to load up in my truck

4. have all of this done within an hour of getting home so I can be ready once all the girls except the two i am picking up get to my house and then head out to camp!

why is this so hard today? Well, because I have not gone to the groc store to get ANY of the food. Also, my oldest is going to her friends for a birthday sleepover. Oh yeah...and they live 45 min away. Also, my hubby promised to do something that i cannot go into today, lest I spoil the surprise!

But, alas! my hubby is also my savior today! he is going to the grocery store for me to get all my stuff together. He is also getting the ice chest ready for me. He is also taking our oldest to meet her friend's mother to drop her off for the party, and he is also making sure the girls are ready to head out the door when I get home. What a sweet heart. He really does come in handy when I need some help, and when I need some lovin;-p....i sure do love him!

Friday, June 20, 2008

another post from myspace

so, not that i dont want to post new stuff on this blog...its just that the following post from my myspace blog is one of my favs. (the post about panties running a close will just have to be patient! I will post it later) gives a quick, somewhat accurate glimpse into how the day of a stay at home mom can start out. You can use your imaginations as to where it ended up!


Thursday, September 20, 2007
Current mood: nauseated
Category: Life

yes. you read correctly.
thanks to me.
I thought i was doing a nice thing. something out of the normal eggs or cereal or toast and fruit. Smoothies! Strawberry and blueberry smoothies...yeah! that will be a nice change...and tastey....and healthy. Yeah!!! They will love me for that! So, I make them each a scrumptous, Strawberry and blueberry smoothie....with a touch of lowfat whipped cream to give it a little sweet punch....yum...they were great.
Going down.
Now, its a different story when your cleaning up those nasty little stawberry seeds out of the carpet of your car, and trying to wipe them off the leather seats, and off the carseat, and oh yeah...of your daughter's chin!!!! Ugh! I didnt puke, and I will probably never eat one again!!!! Let me tell you something just in case you didnt know. Red puke running down the seat of your car is just nasty. Puke is puke. its all gross, but red puke. I think the only thing worse than that is milk. You know...the chunky kind. thats the worst...but red and in the car is running a close second.
The good thing that came out of this, is....i've been needing to clean out my car for some time now....we've made two trips to oklahoma since i cleaned it out last....well, now its cleaned out and vaccumed, and armour all'd.
now, I'm gonna go fix me a snack, cuz all this talk is making me hungry!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a normal day...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


scene: in the car driving from home to the hotel

Peyton: {crying dramatically} I left my shrekie dollie at home!!!

Mackenzie: Peytie, do you want to sing Mr. Lonely?

Peyton: NOOOO!! I'm cryyyy-ing!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

These two girls are nuts. And I love them so much! One, my cousin, the other, my sister in law...they are the same age, and they love each other....they are so much fun, and although, they could be my kids (if i had started way earlier) i have a blast with them. This was last summer, when, during a midnight wal-mart run, they decided it would be way too boring to just walk through the store. I felt like I was in high school again, and I loved every minute of it. Some might have been embarassed, but not me! I remember doing stuff like that with my friends, and they are some of my most cherished memories! so...if you are old (in body, mind, or spirit) and you see a couple girls running crazy through walmart, dont shake your head or tsk, tsk them. Be glad they are in the store and not outside saran wrapping naughty posters to your car;-p

Pink Hair...a post from my myspace blog

Current mood: amused
Last night, I gave my 12 year old pink highlights in her strawberry blonde hair. I happen to think she looks adorable. Some might think I am too "liberal" as I was called by someone at work today. (by the way..I'm almost 35 years old and no one has ever called me liberal before!) But, no. I am not too liberal...nor do i let my kids get away with whatever they want...they dont run me over...they dont act like hethens...(in public anyway). My children are just that. Children...they have their days just like all others, but for the most part, are well adjusted, well behaved, polite little girls. So why the pink hair?
Lets just say that the girl is ultra modest, extremely conservative, and has an amazing moral compass that I dont see in 12 year olds very often, so when she wants to do something crazy for a change that is as harmless as color her hair pink, I say, "why the heck not!?" When I was growing up, I was convinced that all the "wierd" people running around with pink and blue hair must have been on drugs! I was a little judgmental, and also, a little naive. Of course, when I was younger, it was such a big deal that boys pierced their ears! (or one ear, at least) I remember my dad telling my brothers that if they dared to come home with an earring, he would yank it out. period. Since then, HE has talked about getting his ear pierced, just to show he had seen the light, and that having an earring didnt make you gay, or stoned, or any of the other things that symbolized to so many people. I, also, have completely lightened up. Since my straight-laced days in high school, I have had my nose pierced and gotten a tattoo!
I just think its funny how we take one tiny little thing, like some pink streaks and make such a big deal out of it...and to go a step further, judge people for it. MAYBE SHE JUST LIKES PINK, PEOPLE! So, I suppose people can think what they want of me for not only letting her do it, but actually doing it for her. She is the best daughter any woman could ever get lucky enough to get stuck with, and I plan on letting her have some harmless fun. And just to make it funny to her....I put a big pink streak in my hair too! Now, i'm not just mom....I'm cool!!!!! hahaha...................

a cute message...

so, in light of recent events with out home...I have been forced to weed out the junk! yeah! I am glad about that, believe it or not. Well, in doing so, I found myself in my closet. As I began to go thru things and pick what to put away and what to throw away, I came accross my old high school yearbooks. I have not been good about keeping in touch with old friends, but I do have a girlfriend that I still talk to on the phone and visit with.

I began flipping through one yearbook and reading some of the messages from my friends of old...and found myself laughing hysterically at one particular message from P. (my friend) She had big dreams of going into the airforce and doing lots of grand things with her life that did not include becoming someone's slave and life giver, i.e. wife and mom. At least not right away. In my yearbook, she wrote, "....hope you do great things and make all your dreams come true, even if it IS only becoming a wife and mother!" This is funny to me because, yes, those were my dreams. I never had big career goals...I never wanted to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or anything for that matter except a good wife with a good husband and a mommy. And guess what? I achieved my goals! I am a good wife, and I do have a wonderful husband, and I am a mommy...times 5.

So, whatever happend to P? She is a wife, with a good husband, and a mommy....times 3! She never did go to the airforce, but she did lots of other wonderful things with her life. And, just like everyone else I know, she has had tough times and good times, but when it comes down to it....she loves being a wife and a mom!!! See, P? My dreams weren't so funny and crazy as you thought!

Monday, June 16, 2008


without going into too much detail at the moment...i can always expand later....I will just say that our family has been going through alot of valleys lately. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I just have to keep reminding myself of a verse out of a poem I read not long ago, that "though I love the mountaintops, its in the valley that I grow" I certainly hope that my hubby and I are both willing to learn what God is trying to teach us, so that we may grow through this experience and not let it be in vain. What a waste that would be.

I see lots and lots of different obsticles that are being tossed in front of us right now that have the potential to knock us both or at least one of us off the right trail. My prayer is that we continue to see those obsticles for what they are, and not loose sight of the bigger picture.

I will keep you posted, internet. Hope later, I have better news!