Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pink Hair...a post from my myspace blog

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Last night, I gave my 12 year old pink highlights in her strawberry blonde hair. I happen to think she looks adorable. Some might think I am too "liberal" as I was called by someone at work today. (by the way..I'm almost 35 years old and no one has ever called me liberal before!) But, no. I am not too liberal...nor do i let my kids get away with whatever they want...they dont run me over...they dont act like hethens...(in public anyway). My children are just that. Children...they have their days just like all others, but for the most part, are well adjusted, well behaved, polite little girls. So why the pink hair?
Lets just say that the girl is ultra modest, extremely conservative, and has an amazing moral compass that I dont see in 12 year olds very often, so when she wants to do something crazy for a change that is as harmless as color her hair pink, I say, "why the heck not!?" When I was growing up, I was convinced that all the "wierd" people running around with pink and blue hair must have been on drugs! I was a little judgmental, and also, a little naive. Of course, when I was younger, it was such a big deal that boys pierced their ears! (or one ear, at least) I remember my dad telling my brothers that if they dared to come home with an earring, he would yank it out. period. Since then, HE has talked about getting his ear pierced, just to show he had seen the light, and that having an earring didnt make you gay, or stoned, or any of the other things that symbolized to so many people. I, also, have completely lightened up. Since my straight-laced days in high school, I have had my nose pierced and gotten a tattoo!
I just think its funny how we take one tiny little thing, like some pink streaks and make such a big deal out of it...and to go a step further, judge people for it. MAYBE SHE JUST LIKES PINK, PEOPLE! So, I suppose people can think what they want of me for not only letting her do it, but actually doing it for her. She is the best daughter any woman could ever get lucky enough to get stuck with, and I plan on letting her have some harmless fun. And just to make it funny to her....I put a big pink streak in my hair too! Now, i'm not just mom....I'm cool!!!!! hahaha...................

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