Friday, June 27, 2008

big day

so this is what i've got going on today:
1. work (which at this point stinks because i have nothing to do here today, and lots to do at home!)

2. leave and rush to get myself and my four youngest kids packed for an overnight camping trip that happens to include 5 girls from my wed night church class.

3. get the tent, ice chest, wire hangars (for roasting yummy foods), charcoal, lighter get the point....ready to load up in my truck

4. have all of this done within an hour of getting home so I can be ready once all the girls except the two i am picking up get to my house and then head out to camp!

why is this so hard today? Well, because I have not gone to the groc store to get ANY of the food. Also, my oldest is going to her friends for a birthday sleepover. Oh yeah...and they live 45 min away. Also, my hubby promised to do something that i cannot go into today, lest I spoil the surprise!

But, alas! my hubby is also my savior today! he is going to the grocery store for me to get all my stuff together. He is also getting the ice chest ready for me. He is also taking our oldest to meet her friend's mother to drop her off for the party, and he is also making sure the girls are ready to head out the door when I get home. What a sweet heart. He really does come in handy when I need some help, and when I need some lovin;-p....i sure do love him!

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Corrie said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about it. Hope your camping trip was fun!