Tuesday, August 11, 2009

two more weeks!

wow have things been crazy around here! I am so stinking busy, I cant seem to keep my focus. I need a good course in balancing things. thing I am looking forward is starting in two weeks!!!! Now....I was very, very excited that summer was here at the end of last school year...and it has been a busy, crazy, fun summer. We have gotten alot accomplished, and I got to reconnect with my kiddos after working full time for a year and a half. But now....I am ready for school to start. And so are my kids! They miss their friends, and their teachers....and I think the miss the structure of the school year. We are pretty lax around here in the summer....we... scratch that... they sleep in a little in the summer, and stay up late....they play games and know, the normal stuff. but we are all ready to start back up with the structure. I know I am....Working from home is just as hard sometimes as working away from home. Just in a different way. I seem to have a hard time balancing between working at my computer and cleaning my house....:) It is feast or famine with kiddos have been working hard to earn money to put in their banks, so that has been a big help. Anyone who has more than one child knows, however, that when you wake up to a nice, clean home in the morning, have a cup of coffee, enjoy a few minutes of quiet after the hubby leaves and before the kids wake up.....ends very quickly once the kids actually get out of bed.
well, I have about five min before the kids have to go to bed....we are easing back into early bedtimes so the school bedtime is not such a shock! Hopefully it wont be a month before I get to post again!!!