Friday, August 12, 2011

i'm still here.....

I decided that I better post on this thing so blogger doesnt kick me off for inactivity! 
Around here, we are gearing up for school, as I am sure everyone else is doing!  Yesterday I spent several hours shopping for school supplies for 5!  That takes a toll for sure.  One your patience, and certainly on your checkbook!  But I am excited because this is the earliest I have been completely ready for school to start ever.  Everything has been purchased, sorted, labled, and put into backpacks. 
Every year before school I go through my kids' room(s) and purge.  Am I alone in this?  I want them to start the school year organized, so I purge toys, clothes, trash.....holy cow, I threw 2 1/2 bags of trash away last night from the girl's room!  Crazy-ness!
Toward the end of last year, we had a 21 year old girl move in for a while and that put my four youngest in one room for the summer.  It worked out fine because of summer, but she moved out last week and my oldest decided to move into that room and I moved my 10 year old into the oldest child's old room.  The great thing about changing rooms is that EVERYTHING is clean!  That is what I always loved about moving!  In any case....I have just a few small things to complete today and all my girls will be completely ready for school!
I have been crazy busy with work, summer activities, and softball.  My hubby and I started playing co-ed softball.  It started with a church league, and now we are playing on the city rec league.  We just signed up to do Friday night co-ed AND Sunday night church co-ed.  Added to that....we just signed our 10 year old up for softball, so at some point she will have practice and then her games will be on Saturdays!  I think we might have lost it!
Keep you posted!