Tuesday, February 3, 2009

why do alot of my posts have puke in the title?

oh yeah...its because i deal with alot of vomiting small people. And a man for that matter. It is odd for me sometimes, because, I can count the amount of times i have puked in the past 20 years on one hand. I just dont do it. But my family....well that is another matter.

So, today is the twins' birthday. They are six, which blows my mind! I just cant believe they are that old!! MR, started getting sick on fact, i stayed home with her while my sweet hubby took the other girls to the brother and sister in laws house for the super bowl. She stayed home from school monday with a fever that was easily controlled with motrin, but felt bad most of the day. When i got home from work, hubby and i left the girls home and went shopping for birthday gifts. As i was leaving the store, the babysitter called and said MR was running a fever of 104!! Oh boy. So...rushed home...blah, blah, get the drift. She stayed home again today....still sick, which, sucks because its her birthday!!! Argh.

Also today was J's 2nd grade musical play at the school. So...after work, I rushed home, baked cakes and cupcakes, got J the way, cutest ladybug ever!!! and, with promises of cake and presents as soon as we returned, I rushed out the door with J and MK to the performance. Of course, the school tricks me into attending PTA meetings by making sure they do the meeting before the kids perform...another argh....and the lady at the microphone suddenly says, "Is J's mom here??" Uh, oh. What happened?? I stand up and follow another lady out the door. J is throwing up in the bathroom. Is it nerves or is she sick? Well, J is not about to miss this performance that she has a speaking part in and has been waiting to do for months, so she says...
"i'm ok mom...I'm pretty sure its just my nerves. I can do this" So, they placed her at the end of the stage so that if she needed to, she could leave and run to the bathroom. And boy was she a trooper. She made it almost all the way thru the performance. Almost. She shot off the stage, and I had to jump up out of my seat and follow her. Poor baby was sitting on the steps right outside the door all hunched over with a bad tummy ache. So, we sat outside until she felt like she could make it home. And she almost did. Almost. Just as we were about to turn onto our street she yelled out, "stop the car now!!!" And just as I stopped the car she flung the door open and poor thing wretched horribly, and to my great pleasure....not a drop on the car! She is good. She is so funny....while she is puking, she is trying to apologize and tell me that she didnt think it would be a very good idea for her to go to school tomorrow. silly.

The other news i got at the school was that half the kids in the school are out with the flu. yippee. which means to me...the fun is just beginning. yay me.

Onto the rest of the evening...which, was pretty much uneventful after all this. We did presents and cake and sang happy birthday. The twins were very, very happy with their gifts, which were a dora doll that sits on a walking horse that has wings, purses stuffed with lots of girlie stuff, and cute little things for them to color. They were happy, and so one else has puked. I'm not gonna hold my breath for that to be the last of it. Usually with my kids, the next one waits until the other is well before getting sick....i havent figured out yet if that is a good thing or not. I guess that remains to be seen.

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