Thursday, March 5, 2009

its a new day, its a new dawn...and I'm feelin fine

Yep...I am starting to get excited about the move. Maybe its because somewhere in my heart, I have been preparing myself for this for a while now, and now that we have actually made a decision, I kindof have that weight off my shoulders. Also, we have begun to tell people here, and that too, is a relief. I put in notice at my job...and a dang good one too! I gave them more than a hope is that they will have someone here to replace me by april 1, and i can train them and be done. But in any case, come mid April...I am a stay at home mom again. And, I cant wait. I will have half of april and all of may to finish up my packing and be able to spend some time with my sil before I go. I am excited about that.

We have already found a house, and I cant wait to see what I can do with it. It is a bit smaller than our house now, but it is very open and has so much potential! I am downsizing our "stuff" before we go, and am looking forward to the next chapter of our book.

As I said before, there are so many people that I am going to miss, but I am so excited that I get to go back to the buisness of being mom and wife! I am excited about spending the next year with my baby before she has to start kindergarten. I am excited about being home to plan dinner, and have it ready for the family. Shoot, I am just excited about the idea of cooking, period! I have not cooked much in the past 4 months! By the time I get off work, pick up the kids and we get home...I am exhausted, they are starving, and we end up either eating out, ordering pizza, or making sandwiches! I did cook a rather delicious meal the other day, but by the time I got home and got it cooked, we didnt eat until almost 8:00!! Unacceptable. I go...I have to finish up a few things here at work, then head home to.....well, u figure it out! taco its hot dogs! I have to pick up the house while they eat because I have small group tonight and will have the babysitting at my house....that means 12 kids at my house! whew! thank goodness I wont be there!!!

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PamperingBeki said...

Moving is such a huge pain!!

But once you get settled in to your new place I know it will be a relief.