Wednesday, November 19, 2008

laugh and cry

One of the twin's sunday school teacher found me after church sunday to tell me how cute she thought MR is....and this is one of the reasons why:

teacher: MR, can you name one of the ten commandments?

MR: Um......I think I'll name mine.......Cinderella!

I'm sorry...but if you dont think thats funny, you have NO sense of humor, and I'll laugh for you. Argh! just makes me want to squeeze her!

In other news....hubby just left for at least 10 days. He is driving out of town as I type this...on his way to Kansas to work with my brother for a few weeks. Not sure how long he'll do this for, but I am telling you....he has been looking hard for work and there are no jobs to be had. At least not any that would pay more than what we would have to pay out in babysitting. I hate money.

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