Monday, November 10, 2008


so....i have five daughters...and four of them are infatuated with my boobs. I dont know why....I hope it ends soon, but for gives me stuff to laugh about.
***i am going to insert here that A, the oldest used to be infatuated with my boobs, but i think it was just to keep her arms warm***

anyway, my kids are infatuated with my boobs. Everytime i'm in the tub...they are staring at them, asking why they are so big, asking if they will have big boobies, asking when they will have big boobies, asking why they dont have them now...i usually just laugh. When i am changing clothes, someone will inevitably walk in and again with the staring and the questions. So, yesterday, i have on this tank top with one of those little shelf bras (that do NOTHING by the way) and I am changing because i need to run to the store. So, enter 3 of the girls....of course. So, I decided to get creative and put my bra over the tank and slip it off, no boobs, M says "how did you do that? i didnt see your boobies!" I said, "its a trick!" Then J just stares at my chest and says...."i can still see your nibbles"

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