Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so, i have spent a few days on halloween costumes. My oldest, originally wanted to be this pink cat/girl charactor from this cartoon....well, she is mostly pink and her skirt is way too short, and i dont like the top her dress either, but, i am all about modifying costumes to make them what i want so, we went on the hunt. We could not find a costume for this charactor, so, the modifying began! Ha! between me and A, this is what the finished product looked like!

She was like, well mom, this looks nothing like i had planned, but it looks like i planned it! And, she liked it, which, was all that mattered in the first place. Now, mind you, A has red hair...we sprayed it black with pink ends and a pink streak in the front and the child looked nothing like herself...we were both very happy with the costume in the end, and off to the dance she went. She was meeting her friend there, who happened to be going as a "goth" girl, so, I suggested that, should anyone ask what she was, she could say that she was K's goth cat! Worked perfectly, and most kids didnt even recognize her. Now that's a good costume! momma used to put guys like these in her yard. Its the only "fall" decorating she really ever did.....makes me laugh.

Have a great day!!!!!

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