Monday, October 6, 2008

lack of sleep can make you crazy!

so, first of all, just gonna say, i knew something with the whole blackberry deal had to go wrong. It was just too good to be true. Thankfully, what went wrong was the date is was to be delivered. Although, I still have not recieved it yet, it should be here today or tomorow. {translated to: if that sprint guy knows what is good for him, he'll make sure of it}

And that is all I will say on that subject until i acutally have said blackberry in hand.

In other news...our trip was wonderful! Did not want to leave, which, should be known to all who we left behind....5 hours after i wanted to leave!!! lol....lets just say, 10:23 pm and a 5 hour drive home, makes for a very, very tired family of 7! Add a very bad dream had by a sensitive 12 year old into the mix and it makes for an even more tired mommy....who had to work today....and is just about alseep while writing this work. Did I mention i was tired? I cant remember. Anyway....we had a blast visiting our bffs (:-P) and our in-laws! We stayed up late around the firepit talking and singing (i know its cheesy to say we sat around a campfire and sang, but seriously, that is one of my favorite things in the world. I dont care how cheesy it makes me), ate lots of food, spend a lazy afternoon watching movies and watching the kids play...left an event early and went to dinner, and just enjoying each other's company. Somewhat makes me wonder why we ever left that life....except I know that we did the right thing at the time. But now.....i wonder.

I miss you already, J! I will tell you that, everytime we drive away, or ya'll heart hurts! I hate it! The funny thing is...why do we live so far away from each other? For what? jobs? there are literally jobs everywhere! what difference does it make what jobs we all have or where they are if we cannot be close to those we love? i guess the trouble is....those i love are scattered about! But, i miss the days that we all had dinner together 3 times a week! hung out all the time, and shared our lives together! I guess it is good that, no matter how long its been since we've seen each other, it is like we were never apart....but, what if we just got rid of that last part!

arg. I know. Its the same conversation we've been having for the past 5 years! lol...a girl can dream, cant she?

Well, in any case....we had a great time...didnt want to come home....and miss you all like crazy!

we are very blessed!

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