Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, i have some family that decided to ride out the storm. At first it was projected to hit south of them, so they decided to stay, but low and behold, as we woke up Friday morning, it was headed straight for them. By then, it was too late to leave. So, they bunkered down and rode it out. The eye of the storm going straight over them. Thanks to God that they are ok. Some damage, but not much compared to alot of those around them. Their town actually in the area where it is less likely to flood. Though they are still getting rain and lots of wind, they are all fine.

Now, we are prepping for our turn with Ike. Looks like we will be getting wind and rain, but not as much rain as we first thought. But, who really knows? It has just begun to sprinkle here. And we will be watching for tornados.

But, with all this going on, I must say....i love a good storm!

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