Friday, December 19, 2008

parties and pupcakes

Of course, with it being less than a week...what??? Yes, less than a week until christmas...there are plenty of parties to be had.

Yesterday, the twins had their class parties at school, and when I picked them up from their aunt's house after work, I was greeted with a rush of explainations of what happened, what they recieved, how fun it was, and this:

MK: Momma! we had a party today and we got to eat pupcakes! BANELLA pupcakes!!! They were so good, and we got to eat them at school!!!!!!

Now, fuss all you want. I know she is almost six years old, and in kindergarten, but I. will. NOT. correct that cuteness! She will learn soon enough how to say vanilla and cupcakes, but for now, I think I will go home and make her some banella pupcakes just so I can hear her say it again.

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