Friday, December 12, 2008

two weeks and a day....again

So....yes, a post with the same title as the last one. But I have a good reason.

When last we spoke, err, i hubby had been gone for two weeks and a day. He is still gone...but....coming home for the weekend. Yay! We have huge plans! The girls dont know he is coming, so they will be really surprised! We are going to play with our girls and eat a good breakfast on saturday, then hubby will take a bunch of ribs over to the bil's house and start them on the smoker for a party later that night. After a lazy saturday morning, we are going to get our christmas tree! the lots of decorating and hot chocolate and popcorn! Then after the kiddos are tucked into bed, we will head to the bil and sil house to watch the ultimate fighter finale. Then, church sunday morning, and some cuddle time before hubby has to head back to kansas.

now, as for the current two weeks and a day.....that is when hubby's family is coming! We are so excited! The other bil and sil live in far, far away! (shrek for those who didnt get that) And the two of them and their children, and hubby's sister and other brother are all coming to spend time with us! we are excited because since they live in far, far away, we dont get to see them nearly enough! some point, hubby's mom and dad will be here too, and their entire family will be together! That does not happen too often now that three of the five kids are married and two are college, we are kind of scattered...well, actually only in three places, but still...those places are, again...far, far away. any case....there will be lots of laughter, lots of fun, lots of making fun of...., lots of eating, and lots of love! THIS is why Christmas and Thanksgiving are my two favorite times of year. I love it when my house is full of people eating, laughing, and loving! ~sigh~ maybe the reason i had five kids of my own????

Hope your countdown to Christmas is going well!

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