Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend update

Here is a snapshot of Friday night with 10 kids! They were being pretty good, and were even better after I bribed them all with hot chocolate and candy canes! At first, some of them were a little baffled at why I stuck their precious candy canes into their cup of hot chocolate, but one taste, and.....silence! It was lovely!!!!

so...hubby got here, we had a fantastic time...and the ribs...oh, the ribs! they were delicious!!!

Because my oldest daughter goes to her dad's for christmas this year, and after christmas, all hubby's fam will be here, we gave our kids their big gift early this year, so they would have a chance to play with it before the masses ascended and no children were allowed to play because the adults will take over! We got them rock band for the wii....they were so excited! My kids love music, and why shouldnt they?? Their daddy can teach himself to play any instrument he picks up...and while, I cannot play an instrument (anymore) I do, the girls love to sing, and dance, and the wii drums, guitar, and bass! And they are getting pretty good at it! Only problem is, they are only allowed to do a few of the songs because more than half the songs have cursing in them! So, we picked out a few until we do some tours and unlock some more songs.

Last night we went and got our tree before hubby has to drive back to kansas. We have not decorated it, but we will do that tonight. yay! I love decorating the house for christmas!

Well, i must run for now.....10 days until christmas! how can that be!!????

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