Thursday, January 28, 2010

day four

well, its day four, and I was fine all day long....i had energy. I was fine without food. was dinner time. yeah. So, last night, my hubby grilled bbq chicken and I made the kids some mashed potatos...well, chicken did not get finished in time to feed the kids before church, so I ended up giving them some hot dogs and mashed potatos real quick. I know...healthy, right? Well, sorry. I was in a hurry. oldest ate a piece of chicken after church. Then hubby and youngest had some for lunch, theeeennnnn......he had to heat everything up and feed the kids, because, I can forgive the first two times I had to smell the decliciousness that was the bbq chicken completely filling my entire house, but, when it came to dinner and I had not eaten for four days....well, I wanted to crack. So....instead of cracking, he took care of dinner from start to finish and I locked myself in my bedroom and folded laundry. Let me tell you...I got a LOT of laundry done. Sheets washed and beds remade....everyone has plenty of clean underware, socks, shirts, and pants. ~sigh~ now its 8:30 and I am still hungry. But...after I come off this fast correctly (you have to do it slowly and carefully) my sister in law and I are going to cantino laredo for some especially yummy portabella mushroom and goat cheese enchiladas. Oh, dont wrinkle your nose! They are sooooooo goooood! Rolled up with some kind of spicy sauce on a bed of baby spinich and some crispy veggies on the side.
No...I do not intend to eat like that all the time, but come meat....and some very yummy stuff wrapped in a corn tortillia....who could ask for more. Now, I am going to drink some water because my mouth is WATERING!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, your celebration dinner sounds de-lish!! I love all things veggie:) Of course, it can backfire sometimes too. I just found out a month ago that I am malnourished and have to get B12 shots and have scripts for Vitamin D & learned:
Everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb:)
By now you must be at the 1/2 way mark of your fast and by tomorrow it'll all be downhill....yay! Best wishes and hope you feel like a new woman when all is said and done:)