Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So....I rarely use my blog to vent about other people.....honestly, I really dont have that much to say about what other people do to me because I usually just blow it off and dont dwell on it. is another story. I've been sitting here wondering if I should respond, how to respond if I do and also, how to find out who to punch in the face. So, just to give you a general idea.....if you are a reader of my blog, you know that I usually write about funny or gross things that happen around here....and really...I just write for myself. Not for anyone in particular, though it does make me happy that other people read. And, I have never, no not once, gotten an ugly comment. Until the other day. I wrote my funny little poop water post, and then another silly thing that my daughter said, and I log into my account a day or two later and lo and behold, I have a comment to moderate. Usually, this makes me giddy. Not this time. Someone, and I have an idea of who it was, but am not 100% sure because the coward left the message as anonymous...yes, I just called you a coward.....anyway, left a very personal comment on my blog....and it was. not. nice. top it off, it wasnt even about me, or my was about something that is personal, and something that I dont want advertised.....and the comment was very obviously left as a jab at my family. And, I was going to just forget about it. I deleted it and said to myself....what a jerk, and left it at that. But I logged onto my account again, I wondered if I would see another jab.....I did not. But it pissed me off altogether again. is me...putting it out there. You can be a coward if you like and jab, jab, jab at my family all you want....but guess what....whoop-de-do. Are you perfect? Have you ever made mistakes? Oh, and by the call yourself a christian.....yep...that was reeeeaaaallllll Jesus-like. Got any guts? Say something to my face. But I bet you wont. I bet you wont ever say anything. Cuz that's how cowards roll. How sad for you to be a coward....How sad.
Well, that's all I got! Back to happy for me. I will let the coward roll around in their own kind of poo.....I'd rather deal with the kind I can wash off!

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