Wednesday, January 27, 2010

day 3

I am now on day three of my cleanse/fast. I must say that I did not believe I would make it even this far, but I am just two days away from half way!!! That I made it through the first day was amazing. The only things that have been an issue for me thus far (besides the desire to shove every kind of food in my mouth) that I have experienced is that I am really sleepy. I have to sit down alot more than normal, but I am thinking that will pass after the first several days...I had a major headache, due to the lack of caffeine I am sure, but that passed and basically, the only other thing is, I am getting very familiar with all the things in my bathroom....well, that is to be expected. It is a cleanse, after all!
So, I am happy I have made it this far, and I am excited to accomplish this 10 day thing. My hubby commented on how proud he was of me and how good I was doing and that was nice. My daughter even offered to do it with me to give me support, but I told her no. I dont think it would be a good idea for her. She is only 13 and very, very thin.
On the other might fly out the window! I made a yummy (smelling) chicken and pasta dish for dinner last night for the fam. It smelled soooooo good in my house, I almost had to leave=/
Stay tuned for more.....

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Sandy said...

Interesting, I have never tried this, unless you consider preparing for a colonoscopy a 'cleanse.' Well it is I suppose but in a much shorter time. It actually felt pretty good at the end.

Thanks for stopping by today, disposing of the pie was less of a hint than a hit in the head. I have never regretted it!