Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i've lost my mind.....

So, I meant to get a post up here yesterday for the big "DAY ONE!!!", however....I (at first) was too busy, then I was just too tired. So, here I am today for the big, "DAY TWO!!"

Whatever are you rambling about?, you ask....well....I (and two, possibly four) of my friends have started a 10 day cleanse/fast. Have you heard of The Master Cleanse? Well, a few members of my family did this a while back, and in conversing with them about it, and having one too many discussions with some other friends about parasites and worms, several of us have decided to give it a shot.
I am ashamed to say that I have never fasted before. Our church has been thru some church wide fasts, but I have not participated. I'm not too sure why, other than the fact that I never really believed I could make it through. But.....I am determined to do this. Yesterday, I failed miserably at what I planned to do as far as getting through the tough part. I planned to get my bible and my notebook out and read and write when it got tough.....yesterday, i failed at that. Instead, I curled up on the couch and watched tv and dozed off.....I was really tired! I am sure that the combo of no coffee, no soda, no food is what made me so sleepy...and this morning, wow...I was up for about an hour and I hit a wall of sleepy-ness!! I could
I have read all the "symptoms" and I think I am prepared for them....we shall see. In any event, it is my goal today to spend some time reading my bible and praying and writing a bit. I know that the only way I will make it 10 days with not food, while still having to prepare meals for the rest of my family, is to pray, pray, pray. And it helps to do this with someone else. My two girls are rooting for me, and I for them....
So, for one down! Bring on day two!!!

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