Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Eight....can you even believe it???

Oh My Goodness! I cannot even believe that I have made it this far! The longest I have ever survived any kind of diet/change of eating habits was when I did weight watchers several years ago. I did that for a year. But I was able to eat....and surpisingly, eat well. I think weight watchers is great. But, fasting for 10 days???? I never thought I'd make it. I will say that one motivator is that I have lost 2 inches in the waist. the hard part is going to be keeping it off. yes, I know.... but I am gonna work on it.

As for now, today is Orange juice day. You have to come off this fast slowly. And when you havent eaten in 8 days, your digestive tract is very, very rested and has to be "brought back to life" slowly., OJ....tomorrow, OJ and some raw veggies and maybe a light salad for dinner.! yeah!!!!

Anyhow, I am very proud of me and my sis in law....we both have made it this far, and I cant see either one of us failing at this point! Yeah US!!!

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