Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hello Dallas! I am snow! Nice to meet you!

Yes, yes....I know that you up north of us are sick, sick, sick of snow....but....I am going to enjoy this beautiful, pure, white-ness called snow until its gone!

We had!

The dog even gave up her usual lazieness to actually run. Yes, she ran in the snow. over and over and over! Chased the kids, did some laps around the yard...crazy!

Can you tell that my J loves this dog? She is crazy about her, and will take any and every opportunity to seize a photo op with the pooch!

We built a snowman....twice! We built him first thing that morning, but he fell over. So, my sis in law and the nephews came over to play and we rebuilt him. The medal on the nose was their idea! The kids also built a "Patrick" snowman in the back yard! They are so creative!

My kiddos are crazy about the snow, and apparently, we had record snowfalls in a single storm here in the DFW area! I can tell you this much....this is the most snow I can ever remember seeing here! I have seen more snow in Kansas, but only a few times, although I know they have gotten alot of snow this year. But, here is my thought. I live in Texas. You know....the south....warm climate....super-duper hot summers....ya, you get the idea. If we have to endure the cold....we might as well get some snow. It is way better than just cold rain! So....I intend to fully enjoy all the snow I can get!

So, the last few pictures on this post are the views out of my bedroom windows and from my backyard. This is what we woke up to yesterday, after we played in the snow 3 different times the day before....we had the yard all torn up with our playing, and as it kept snowing, it was beautiful again!

I see such beauty in the snow. Pure, fresh, clean. How could anyone deny the love our God has for us in this beauty. Yes, outside of our "little world" terrible things are happening. I know this. But in the midst of the terrible, we can find beauty. Even if the beauty is the snow.

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