Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 9 and feelin fine!

Especially since I just took a nap! Not even on purpose! I sat down after dinner to watch the news and passed straight out. What the heck?!? I wasnt even tired. Or....apparently I was. But, I have to tell you. I was so very much looking forward to today. Today was salad day. I munched on some avacado and carrots earlier while I was working, and I fixed the family taco salad for dinner, and I had the salad part, with homemade vinegar and oil dressing~yummy~ it was a small salad, and I barely made it through. How do I feel. Well, to be honest, I kinda feel like UGH! I am so full, and I ate FOUR hours ago!!!! How does that make me feel? ~YIPEE!!!~ It makes me very excited because that was the whole point of this entire fast! I wanted to get to the point that I was satisfied eating smaller portions. Where I didnt want to eat the crappy food. And let me tell you. It will be slow going for me as far as the food is concerned.
Tomorrow is my twins' birthday, and for 9 days, I have not had one sweet thing. I am making chocolate and funfetti cupcakes, and we shall see if I eat one. I might eat a bite. I dont even know at this point if I could make it through a whole one!
Well, I am off to bed. Happy eating!!!

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