Thursday, October 4, 2007

so, i just thought i'd write some quick thoughts about my girls. if you have read any of my blogs, you probably know that i have 5 of them. They are truly a joy. they are also alot of work. sometime i wonder...why did God give me so many girls? and how come no boys. I have come to realize that i have such a wonderful mom. she taught me so much about being a mom and a wife and a woman in general. she is such a blessing to me. even now, in my own adulthood she give such wonderful advice and support. i am no where near perfect, and as much as my mom taught me through her words and mostly by her actions and the way she lived her life, there are so many lessons that you cannot truly learn until you actually live through them. But, I truly believe that God has given me these girls to raise up to be morally sound, Godly women. I believe that it is my life's work to do my best to teach these 5 beautiful girls to be Godly mothers, and wives. I want my kids to learn humility, patience, compassion, and to be obedient. I want them to be servants...and not in the slave-mentality kind of way, but servants to their fellow their own children, to their husbands. I want them to find peace and contentment in their submission. I want them to be leaders in their submission. That might sound like an oxymoron, but it is truly not. We cannot lead until we are able to serve. I believe that I lead more in my submission than in any other area. If I can submit to my husband, to the other authority in my life...then I am leading my children into a life of servanthood. If you are spiritual, you might already understand this way of thinking. If you are thinking...WHAT? the heck is she talking about???? I hope that you can learn in your life, that you can do more good by serving those around you than trying hard to "lead" others by being pushy or bossy. I have learned one lesson lately, that I am happier when I am not so busy trying to defend myself and boss people around, than when I am able to sit back and listen to what someone is trying to say to me with their heart, and not necessarily their words.

Now, i know i said this was about my girls and it looks like its mostly about me, but truly, it is about them....what i do is what they will emulate. I want them to get the good stuff. And they of them....the oldest, is already on her way. I am so proud of her. she is the most giving, understanding, polite, and generous child i know. she is so proud of her love for christ,and is willing to share it always. I have had more compliments on her behavior than i could have ever thought imaginable. Now, i have the other four to raise up to learn to be this way. i am excited about this opportunity. what a journey.

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