Saturday, September 1, 2007

well, just thought i'd post again....its been a while.

I love reading other people's blogs. I actually spent a large portion of my day doing that very thing. a waste of time? maybe. maybe not. I might actually learn something. well...I might. who knows? but the fact remains that sometimes, no matter how great your life is, its kind of fun to escape your own for someone else's. I sat here today with five kids and a husband running around me, asking for favors, wanting me to get up (how dare they?) and fix them food. Hey, I am sitting here not eating...why cant they do the same? All they while, I just want them to all take a very long nap and leave me alone for a while.

Not sure why, but I have those days occasionally. I just want them all to HUSH!!!! Find something to do and leave me in peace. I want to dissapear in a good book, but I finished the one I was reading, and dont have a new one yet. Not feeling like watching anything on tv, and i've already taken a nap! No, I am not depressed. Yes, I love my husband and my kids, beyond my own life. But today....I just want to take the day off. I dont want to get up and feed you....grab an apple or a string cheese out of the fridge. You can get your own sippie cup of milk, cant you? Geez...your two and a half! Its about time to help yourself! These are the silly thoughts running thru my mind today. My hubby...sweet man that he is.....started off today by telling me to get up off the couch and "fix my breakfast, woman!" Ha!! I just gave him "the look." He fixed his own breakfast. Later, I told him that it was probably just pms, but he was on his own today. He actually apologized for bothering me and quietly ate his breakfast. LOL! That makes me sound horrible.......we dont have that kind of relationship. Usually, I love doing things for him....just not today. And, without another word...he understood. And left me alone. For the entire day. Without getting angry. Wow. I love him. He gave up his typical saturday afternoon nap to let me have one, and he fed himself, and he fed the kids. I love him.

And, the best part. After a day of doing absolutely nothing.....I dont feel guilty, and tomorow, I am sure I will be completely refreshed and ready to be mom and wife again. (I hope;p)

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